21 Arrested In Online Drug Bust

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NSW PoliceTwenty-one people have been arrested after New South Wales (NSW) Police seized thousands of dollars worth of illicit drugs traded online in Sydney.


Strike Force Oadby together with the Redfern Region Enforcement Squad (RES) led a two-month operation started in June 2015 to bust the suppliers of the illicit drugs marketed online through social networking websites, classified ads sites and the dark web.

During the operation, authorities confiscated a number of illicit substances such as methylamphetamine (or ice), lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), cannabis, ecstasy and gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB), all of which were worth an estimated street value of AUD$32,000.

Aside from the drugs impounded, investigators also found some stolen property and thousands of dollars in cash, and then confiscated for forensic examination purposes.

Strike Force Oadby detectives who were teamed up with officers based in Central Metropolitan Region cuffed 21 people over the course of the operation, who were all charged with 45 drug-related offenses afterwards.

Meanwhile, NSW Police said it’s still unsettled whether those arrests were related to each other. That being said, it can’t be assumed that the Strike Force detectives just stopped the whole drug operation.

As per Detective Chief Inspector Stuart Bell, technology has modified the means of people to trade in illicit drugs, thus leaving a significant impact on the policing strategies purposely developed to fight this particular trend.

Det Ch Insp Bell said that this criminal activity posed a unique challenge for law enforcement to invade lairs of operators and track down drug transactions made online.

The detective chief inspector also said that NSW Police deemed Strike Force Oadby as an important companion towards battling and blocking this new trend.

To warn people behind the supply of illicit drugs, Det Ch Insp Bell who is also the commander of Redfern RES added that the operation would resume so as to stop this illegal enterprise making drug transactions through distinct methods.

Silk Road Shutdown

In October 2013, US FBI authorities closed down Silk Road, the biggest drug black market across the globe, but found out that it reopened with the name Silk Road 2.0 just a few weeks later. With the assistance of Europol, US federal authorities shut down the said successor of Silk Road on November 2014.

In February this year, Ross Ulbricht was found guilty as the operator of Silk Road who masterminded a scheme enabling approximately US$200 million of anonymous online illicit drug sales through bitcoins.