A Letter From The Silk Road Creator

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RRoss William Ulbrichtoss Ulbricht, the 31 year old alleged mastermind of Silk Road, has made his first public statement, since he was sentenced to life in prison in May 2015. The handwritten letter from Ross Ulbricht was posted to the Free Ross website, which is dedicated to news about Ross Ulbricht’s case and fundraising for the legal costs.


The letter is addressed to the attendees of this year’s New Hampshire event known as PorcFest or The Porcupine Freedom Festival, a “free-state” festival that is focused on Libertarian ideals, cryptocurrencies and alternative viewpoints.

Ross Ulbricht expressed his disappointment about unable to attend the event, and he wrote about the impending struggles which will ensue in appealing the life sentence. Ulbricht concluded his letter requesting financial assistance so that he can be able to continue his fight against the “outright corruption” that is stemming from the U.S. government. He directly made reference to the 2 federal agents assigned to the Silk Road investigation and who stole large amounts of money from the Silk Road website and were later charged with wire fraud and money laundering after the start of Ross Ulbricht’s trial.

Ulbricht’s defense team has stated on severally that the legal consequences and alleged actions related to the federal agents, Shaun Bridges and Carl Force, were hidden from Ross Ulbricht’s defense until just prior to the start of the trial. It has been argued that the 2 compromised the whole investigation of the Silk Road and Ross Ulbricht’s trial.

Lyn UlbrichtThe letter includes 2 edited and replaced phrases that were changed with Ulbricht’s permission “as per his attorneys’ guidance”. Lyn Ulbricht, the mother of Ross Ulbricht, is waging a campaign to clear her convicted son and attended last year’s PorcFest festival and gave a speech about Ulbricht’s case while he was awaiting trial. She also attended this year’s event to offer insight in light of the intriguing Deep Web about the Silkroad website and the aftermath of Ross Ulbricht’s trial and sentencing.