Alleged Silk Road Admin Opposes Extradition To US

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Gary Davis U.S. is seeking immediate extradition of Gary Davis (27) to the country for possible prosecution; the Irishman is believed to have been a top administrator at Silkroad when it was still functional. He’s wanted by American authorities to answer against charges of distributing narcotics, computer hacking and conspiracy for money laundering amongst other offenses. If found guilty of these Silkroad accusations, the man could receive a life-sentence ruling.


However, through his attorney John O’Kelly SC, Gary is opposing U.S.’s extradition application in High Court before Judge Paul McDermott. The lawyer claims that Davis is a “vulnerable” man who suffers from a rare strain of autism called Asperger’s Syndrome as well as depression. He’s therefore objecting the Silkroad Irishman’s transfer to America for detention on grounds of his poor mental health; the application raises concerns that imprisoning Gary in inhuman and degrading conditions within the US is a breach of his fundamental rights. The effects of such a long term incarceration can be “very serious”.

They also argue that, the formal Silkroad deportation request filed under the 1965 Constitutional Act for handing over alleged criminals between Ireland and America is flawed, vague and very unclear. According to Kelly, his client should have first been arraigned before an Irish court corresponding with the said charges, before authorities from other countries are even given the privilege to arrest him on similar grounds. However, up to now the DPP has not yet launched an investigation regarding the Silkroad saga, and therefore Davis has no business turning himself over to any foreign state for incarceration. Mr. Gary is accused of using the pseudonym “Libertas” in handling corrupt dealings on behalf of Silkroad.

HandcuffsEarlier on, Ireland’s Attorney General had argued that the jury should promptly make an order demanding the Silkroad operator to surrender himself over to America. He adds that all charges labeled against “Libertas” are clear and there’s no need for further investigations, since this can only be time consuming and costly. Moreover, some of the Silkroad offenses he’s facing had been committed in US territory given the borderless nature of the web.