Alleged Silk Road Founder Charged With Murder-For-Hire Scheme

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Ross William UlbtichtRoss Ulbricht, the alleged founder of the Silk Road, an online black market site known for selling illegal drugs was arrested and prosecuted for running the site, attempted to arrange the murders of at least six people. One of the six persons is his employee whom he believed had stolen bitcoins worth $350,000. Also, the prosecution believe that he solicited the murder of one “Friendly Chemist”, one of the vendors on the site who threatened to blackmail him by revealing the personal identities of the Silk Road customers and vendors. It is alleged that he demanded a $500,000 bribe or else he would publish the information.


To support the claims, the prosecutors intend to use one of the emails that Ulbricht sent which stated that Friendly Chemist was a liability and should be executed immediately. Despite the fact that these alleged murder-for-hire plots are not currently included in the government’s indictment, the federal prosecutors in New York as seeking to use them as evidence when his trial commences on January 5th. The government argues that Ross Ulbricht planned to use the murders to safeguard the criminal enterprise from the authorities.

Curtis Clark GreenAnother case against him in Maryland charged him for hiring and paying an undercover federal agent $80,000 as payment to torture and murders a former leading administrator in the Silk Road drug emporium, Curtis Clark Green. The prosecutors in this case stated that federal agents indeed staged his murder and even took photos of the mock torture and murder. In fact, most of the images including some that showed a corpse were sent to Ulbricht as prove that the former administrator had been executed.

Even though the murders were not carried out, the prosecutors believe that Ross intended them to happen and would not hesitate to use violence to silence witnesses and protect his criminal activities. Electronic communication evidence that was retrieved from his laptop will be used as evidence once the case commences.