Anonymizing Service Tor Was Not Compromised, According To Developers

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TORWith the take down of Silkroad 2.0, it has made many Tor users worried as to whether the anonymizing service Tor was compromised. Whenever a Tor hidden service is taken off the internet, it brings up speculation as to whether the take down was made possible via vulnerability in Tor or poor operations security (OPSEC). This in turn has caused concerns to arise with many users worried about whether the browsing system is a safe place to continue private communications away from the authority’s prying eyes.


In response of these concerns, which were heightened more-so in 2014, Tor Project’s Roger Dingledine and Jacob Appelbaum wanted to reassure users that Tor was not compromised during the Silkroad takedown operation. In a statement released it was said:

“The authorities want to scare you into making you believe that Tor doesn’t work properly when in fact it really does, and that is a problem for them.”

TOR and National Security AgencyDuring the Chaos Communication Congress, both Dingledine and Appelbaum wanted to reassure Tor users that the service was not compromised by explaining how Silkroad 2.0 was taken down. With inside knowledge and help from law enforcement personnel, Dingledine was able to let users know the details of the taken down.

“From what I was told, apparently a Silkroad 2.0 guy had written his name down somewhere, and the authorities found out, brought him in, and questioned him. Once the interrogation started the man started naming names. Apparently there were a total of 16 names and the authorities were about to arrest all those people, along with collecting their computers. After this, authorities sent out a press release saying they were successful in their Tor attack.”

In other words, Dingledine and Appelbaum still state that Tor wasn’t compromised in anyway during the Silkroad 2.0 takedown. That in fact, that incident was actually caused by one person’s mistake which caused repercussions. Overall Dingledine and Appelbaum have said the Tor is still and will continue to be a safe haven for private communication.