Are There Other Corrupt Cops In The Silk Road Investigation?

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A former DEA agent and former security service agent involved in the Silkroad investigation were sentenced to more than 70 months in prison for money-laundering and obstruction of justice. There may be more unidentified cops who were also involved.
Shaun Bridges and Carl Mark Shaun Bridges is a former Secret Service agent who was part of the team investigating Silkroad. He was involved in money-laundering and obstruction of justice which resulted in his 71-month jail sentence.

Carl Mark Force is a former DEA agent who was also part of the team investigating Silkroad, particularly finding out who the owner of Silkroad was. He was working undercover under different identities. He was known as Nob, Death from Above, and French Maid. He was sentenced to 78 months in jail for obstruction of justice, money laundering and extortion.


These are only 2 agents but there is a possibility that there are other corrupt cops in the Silkroad investigation. There are many reasons to suspect this. One of them is that someone with the username “alpacino” was mentioned in the sealed documents that informed the Judge about the proceedings of the grand jury about the Bridges and Force case. However, when the complaint about Force was unveiled, the name “alpacino” did not come up. There are 2 possibilities why the name did not come up. Either alpacino was a law enforcement agent who was also corrupt but has not yet been caught or it was Force’s pseudonym but the government couldn’t pin it on him.


Another reason that leads to suspicions of other corrupt law enforcement agents being involved in the Silkroad investigation is the text messages found between Bridges and an identified IRS agent. In the text messages, the 2 were talking about making so much money on the market. The prosecutor however said that they could not use the text messages as evidence because it was uncertain whether what they were talking about was related to the criminal activity. The IRS agent was however not charged with any criminal activity in this case.

A Silkroad architect, Variety Jones, had posted a statement online stating that one of the FBI agents was corrupt and was hunting him down. The agent was identified as Diamond, cwt. The Silkroad architect said the agent had a wallet of 300,000 bitcoins obtained from Ulbricht on Silkroad and he needed the password to the wallet. He wanted Jones to help him and even threatened to kidnap and torture Ulbricht’s sister in order to get the password. Since Variety Jones is not a reliable source, the information cannot be easily taken as true. It is possible that cwt refers to Christopher W. Tarbell who was also part of the Silkroad investigation team. He played a significant role in the arrest of Ulbricht. He also wrote an affidavit about how the government knew about the Silkroad servers and how they seized them. However, the affidavit was highly contested. Nicholas Weaver, a computer scientists, and a defense attorney, Joshua Horowitz said what was written could not have happened as it was technologically impossible. It is not known whether the story of Christopher W. Tarbell is true or not. Perhaps it was meant to draw away attention from the Tarbell Declaration.

There was an undercover agent also involved in the Silkroad investigation and he was known as “mr. wonderful.” The defense attorney of Silkroad creator Ross Ulbricht tried to cross-examine the government’s lead witness, DHS special agent Jared Der-Yeghiayan about “mr. wonderful” but they objected each time. The identity of “mr. wonderful” is not known but is a Homeland Security Investigations agent who works out of Baltimore. It is also uncertain whether mr. wonderful was involved in any criminal activity involving Silkroad. It was strange that mr. wonderful did not testify in the case although he played a significant role in the investigation. The account he used was taken over from “cirrus” and it was later taken away from mr. wonderful and given to Der-Yeghiayan.

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  1. Just proves how corrupt the supposed trusted authorities can be. Sounds as if the poor mans trial was seriously flawed. How many other agents have been involved with the investigation were corrupt??? Makes me feel a bit pissed with things.
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