Arrested Silk Road 2.0 Drug Dealer Could Face Jail

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A drug dealer who was apprehended as part of the international crackdown on the online black market Silkroad 2.0 has been warned that he faces jail term.


Cei William Owens29 year old Cei William Owens, from Aberystwyth, was arrested as one of 7 citizens of United Kingdom who were taken into custody by the NCA (National Crime Agency) in November 2014, hours after the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) arrested Blake Benthall, the alleged mastermind behind drug bazaar Silkroad 2.0. Mr. Owens and others were charged in February 2015.

Owens appeared at the Swansea Crown Court on 22nd June 2015 and pleaded guilty to 5 counts of drug possession and distribution through the Silkroad 2.0 platform, specifically cannabis and magic mushrooms.

In spite of Owen’s guilty plea, Judge Thomas cautioned the defendant that “all options remained open” when it came to sentencing.

Judge Thomas also allowed a proceeds of crime application that was made by the prosecution counsel, Claire Wilks. The application gives the police powers to confiscate any assets or money Cei Williams made during his drug operation on the Silkroad 2.0 website.

Owens, who previously lived in Aberdovey but is currently residing in Aberystwyth, was granted bail – subject to certain conditions. He will be sentenced on 24th July 2015 ahead of the proceeds of crime hearing that will be held later this year.

The online black market Silkroad was founded in 2011 and enabled more than two hundred million dollars of anonymous online drug sales using bitcoins. Last month, Ross William Ulbricht, its creator, was sentenced to life in prison by a United States Judge for multiple charges including conspiracy to commit computer hacking, money laundering and drug trafficking.

After the FBI shutdown the Silkroad, a second website called Silkroad 2.0 – was launched. The Silkroad 2.0 website is believed to have been infiltrated by government officials from the beginning, which is part of the reason why its creator and some of the drug dealers who used Silkroad 2.0 were arrested shortly after it was shut down.Silk Road Shutdown

After carrying out several raids in the United Kingdom last year, the NCA bosses said that criminals were misguided if they thought that online black markets offered them an anonymous and safe method for them to sell drugs.