Corrupt FBI Agent Allegedly Threatens Former Silk Road Architect

ANNOUNCEMENT: Since the Silk Road 2.0 bust by the feds a few other Darknet Markets have fallen. Silk Road 3 is up and running with a big selection of goods.

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On Wednesday 27th September 2015, a man believed by many to be the orchestrator of Silkroad has made a slew of accusations against a person he suspects to be an FBI employee.


Man with GunVariety Jones, who many believe to be the Silkroad architectas well as a mentor to Silkroad creator Ross Ulbricht, accuses the unnamed rogue FBI agent of threatening to kill him and also torture Ulbricht’s mother and sister if he did not help him get the pass phrase to Silkroad bitcoin wallet estimated to be worth around $70 million.

The unnamed FBI agent uses a pseudonym of Diamond, and has been accused by Jones of among other things, leaking sensitive information and extorting dark web owners for bitcoin.

According to Variety Jones, Diamond believed that his involvement in creating Silkroad could be of use to him to gain access to the Silkroad bitcoin funds. Jones alleges that he wanted him to relocate to Singapore where the agent could then set up a safe house for him. The rogue agent assured him that he would help him be clear of the clutches of the feds. Jones wrote this information on MyPlantGanja forum.

Jones says that when he refused to cooperate with Diamond to help him obtain keys for the encrypted wallet, the threats became more serious every day.

He says that the rogue agent started to get nastier and nastier every day, because he did not cooperate in assisting him obtain the keys to encrypted wallet.

“I knew he was serious with his regular threats. If I didn’t do as he asked, or ended up in custody of any authority, he would use his power and authority to get me killed,” said Jones.

Leaked sensitive information

Jones also claims that Diamond gave him classified information regarding Silkroad investigations upfront. Specifically, Jones cites the information about former Silkroad special agents Shaun Bridges and Carl Mark Force IV, two US law enforcement officers who were charged for transferring Silkroad seized funds to their private accounts during the investigation into Silkroad. Given that only high-ranking FBI members have the authority and power over this kind of information, Jones was convinced that Diamond was indeed an FBI agent.

Jones claimed that he was approached by an FBI agent under online pseudonym who then provided inside info on FBI investigations before such information was made public. Diamond was very determined to gain access to the Silkroad bitcoin wallet that contained an estimated 300,000 BTC. These previously belonged to Ross Ulbricht, the convicted creator of Silkroad.


When Variety Jones showed hesitation to help Diamond gain access to the Silkroad bitcoin wallet, the agent threatened to kidnap Ulbricht’s sister and mother and then torture them until the Silkroad creator revealed the password, this is according to one of his forum posts.

As evidence, Jones provided Diamond’s TorChat ID on his forum post. Although the ID is active, the person behind it didn’t immediately respond to messages.

Jones said that he made contact with the Assistant U.S. Attorney General for Southern District of New York to warn him of Diamond’s actions. This is the officer who was in charge of prosecuting Silkroad creator Ross Ulbricht.

The FBI is not taking the matter lightly.

The FBI released a statement about the whole situation, saying that they are aware of claims that were made by Variety Jones. Through an emailed statement, the FBI says that they have already forwarded the allegations to the right offices for further review. The agency treats claims of employee misconduct seriously as their mission is to always uphold the rule of law.

Jones has since turned himself in to the authorities believing that his life was in danger if he didn’t do so.

Trapping Diamond

Trapping DiamondAfter realizing that Diamond was a powerful and a high-ranking officer of the FBI, Jones began to look for ways of catching him so that he would reveal his real identity.

He began looking for opportunities to ensnare Diamond on Agora Marketplace when he came across the tiniest bit of evidence about his identity. But the shutting down of Agora on April 26 was a huge blow as it took away the only real chance of unmasking the rogue agent.

Having seen the last chance of trapping Diamond gone, Jones thought it better to surrender himself to the feds, in return for protection. He cautioned Ulbricht’s family members and also asked the FBI to ensure that Diamond does not kidnap Ulbricht’s sister or mother and that Silkroad creator Ross Ulbricht is not under any harm from Diamond’s cronies.