Corrupt Silk Road Agent Allegedly Has Co-Conspirators

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A new filing in court by prosecutors states that the corrupt officer Shaun Bridges, associated with Silk Road investigations, might have had one, or more than one co-conspirator. However, the details related to this finding have not yet been fully revealed. Bridges, the ex-Secret Service agent who was sentenced to about six years in federal prison was arrested for the second time in January on suspicion that he would attempt to leave the country. The US Marshals Service has been keeping him under their custody since then, according to court records.

On completion of the trial as well as conviction of Ross Ulbricht, the Silk Road mastermind, two ex-agents Shaun Bridges and Carl Force were convicted of stealing several hundreds of thousands of dollars in bitcoins when they were in charge of investigations into the operations of Silk Road. Bridges made use of the admin privileges provided by an arrested Silk Road administrator for stealing bitcoins worth as much as $800,000 from the drug dealers on Silk Road. He pleaded guilty of obstruction charges and money laundering last year.



It is these thefts that prompted the creator of the dark web drug marketplace Silk Road, who operated under the pseudonym “Dread Pirate Roberts,” to allegedly hire a hit man to assassinate one of his former employees. However, the person he hired was an undercover agent who worked with the DEA, Carl Force.

Bridges who has been kept in custody following his re-arrest on 28 January 2016 had sought to unseal the evidence of government in order to help him defend himself and also to get his property back. Bridges complained that he has not only been denied his freedom, but also his property without any indicating any wrongdoings by him.

In the response filed by the prosecutors, they requested that the judge keep everything under seal because they were continuing to look into the full extent of crimes committed by Bridges.

Despite the fact that there is not much information against him, the government prosecutors continue to state that Bridges is guilty of committing several additional crimes, including those that happened prior to and after the date on which he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to the term in prison.

According to prosecutors, they have come across evidence related to additional crimes committed by him during a search of the house of Bridges one day prior to the scheduled date on which he was to surrender himself to a federal prison. Reportedly, police found corporate documents related to offshore companies, a passport card, and documents relating to the attempts made by his wife to obtain the citizenship of another country, among other things.

In their filing, the prosecutors noted that though Bridges is currently in custody on the underlying case, co-conspirator(s) who worked with him are free and, therefore, the investigations would be hampered if the information included in the search warrant was disclosed.


As of now, the nature of the additional crimes committed by Bridges is unclear. However, in a filing dated 17 February 2016 it is noted that additional bitcoin thefts from accounts have been observed. The government believes that Bridges could have worked with others in these thefts.