Crypto Market Guide

Crypto Market is yet another dark web market based on escrow payment system. It is created and run by the same team that brought you Silk Road 3.0, I am not sure why they have made this one as well but I am assuming to lower the heat. As soon as you have a site trying to ride the reputation of Silk Road then you put a big target on your back, and not just from the feds.

Out of 20,000 listings available on Crypto Market about 12,000 of it is drug related, while the rest includes miscellaneous items such as e-books, software, various accounts, guns, etc. So both legal and illegal stuff can be found on Crypto Market and we will go ahead and show you how to register, search and buy something legal off of it for the purpose of this basic guide.

Mind you, we strongly advise against any illegal activities on the dark web; but, if you are still interested in visiting and using the Crypto Market, despite the risks it entails, we will provide a step-by-step guide on how stay safe and anonymous on Crypto Market.

The decision is entirely yours, and this guide is only for educational purposes. Please remember that using drugs can harm your health and lead to death in some circumstances so we do not advise you to take drugs.



Must Have Software Tools

1. VPN
VPN is a tool that’s really useful not just for browsing the deep web, but the regular web as well. Why? Because your ISP and the government are both monitoring your every move on the web, and if you engage in anything suspicious, they will come knocking on your door. I have friends that are not using a VPN and they are getting fines for downloading movies, my friends latest fine was $500! If he goes to court it will be thousands. The movie studios are able to sue my friend because all of your internet usage is being LOGGED and then the government and now even private organizations can analyze it and catch you doing anything. You can just imagine what they will send you to court for if you use darknet markets to get high like the rest of us.

However, when you are using a VPN, the possibility of getting caught is significantly lower (almost no risk). To explain how VPN works, first you must know that every computer has its IP address based on which it can be physically located if connected directly to the internet. This is something we would really want to avoid!

On the other hand, if you connect to the internet via a VPN, your IP address will be disguised by that of the VPN server. And since most VPN providers don’t keep any logs of their users’ activities, you’ll be pretty safe if someone tries to track you down. To add to this, all of your internet traffic is encrypted so even if someone was logging what you are doing then they cannot even tell what you are doing any way.

You can find the current most up-to-date list of best VPN providers here. Once you purchase your chosen VPN software, you are ready to go! Make sure to choose a VPN that keeps NO LOGS and preferably takes payment in bitcoins.

Before you start your VPN make sure that all your applications that have a direct connection to the internet are closed – Skype, Dropbox, TeamViewer or any other similar application. If opened, these can cause DNS leakage, revealing your IP address and all the work done for the sake of anonymity will become pointless.

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2. Tor Browser
To access the Crypto Market or any other deep web URL (recognized by their .onion ending), you will need to use Tor Browser. It’s an older, modified version of Firefox, specifically designed for deep web browsing and opening .onion URLs.

Tor network will provide some anonymity and safety on the Deep Web. Warning: Don not be mistaken and think that Tor will give you complete anonymity on the deep web, the FBI paid a university in 2015 to crack the Tor network for a short period of time and they busted a shit load of people.

Tor will give you a new IP address, AND your connection will change its address each time it bounces off one of the three random routers (or nodes, as they are called) in the network before it reaches its final destination. Yes, it basically works like a multi-leveled VPN.

If you’re wondering why you need both VPN and Tor, here is why:
The ISPs and the government are really not thrilled about the fact that you are using Tor; rightfully so, because it is mostly used for buying illicit drugs on the dark web. But, even if you just Google out Tor Browser, it’ll be considered as suspicious activity. To avoid this, use VPN before downloading and using Tor Browser.

So, your next step is to turn on your VPN and download Tor Browser.

Tor Browser Download Page:

No installation is required – just extract the bundle anywhere (best on a usb drive so you can hide it) on your computer and run the app file.

Once you’ve started Tor Browser, make sure to use default settings, especially if you’re not entirely sure how to modify them safely. Don’t turn on java scripts and flash application, because they might give out your IP address similarly to above mentioned applications that connect directly to the internet.

Crypto Market

This is the official Crypto Market URL: http://cryptomktgxdn2zd.onion

As we’ve said earlier, it can only be accessed via Tor Browser.

Once you open the URL you should see this screen:

Crypto Market Landing Page


Since you don’t have an account, you need to sign up for one. Click on the sign-up button and you’ll be prompted to fill in the form:

Crypto Market Login


Carefully choose your username making sure it’s something you’ve never used for anything else before – that there are no links to any of your existing accounts, especially on social media and emails. Bigger men than yourself with much more at stake have fallen victim to this particular error! Choose your password and your PIN with equal care; your preferred currency and destination.
There is some sort of guide if you want to look and it is up to you whether you want to go through it or not; if you don’t wish to use the guide, simply select Marketplace for your destination, and click Sign up.
Once registered, you should be able to see a screen like this one notifying you of your first message:

Crypto Market Home Screen


Scroll down and you’ll see all the goods available on the market neatly organized in categories on the right hand side:

Crypto Market Drugs


There are plenty of categories and items, so let’s look for something legal for the purpose of this article (not that we buy or advise anyone to buy anything illegal on the marketplace).
Category eBooks sounds harmless enough, so let’s click on that and scroll down a bit until we find an item called Deep Web Links 2015 (All Links Working).
What?! It is perfectly legal to own a list of links that also work, isn’t it?!

Crypto Market Links

When you click on the link, you will get a form to fill in:


Fill in the necessary information about the order and the shipping address.

Make sure to use PGP to encrypt your address.

Here is a guide to PGP:


A sign at the bottom says that you don’t have enough bitcoins, and you are definitely going to need them because bitcoin is the only currency you can use on Crypto Market (and almost any other Darknet Market for that matter).

Funding your Acc

The next step is to get a bitcoin wallet and buy some bitcoins. We found a pretty good site covering everything you need to know about bitcoins and how to buy them. If you buy bitcoins through their site you also get $10 for free.

Once you have the bitcoins on your bitcoin wallet, it’s easy to deposit them to your Crypto Market account. But before the shopping spree, there is just one more thing you should pay attention to – vendors’ reputation. Check what other customers have said about him; if the reviews are bad, you might want to think twice before purchasing anything from that vendor.

We hope that this guide helps you get started safely on the Crypto Market. In the meantime…
… Happy shopping!