Dark Wallet Developer Show Up In Support Of Silk Road Creator

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Amir TaakiDark Wallet founder, British-Iranian Amir Taaki, recently came out in support of the convicted Silkroad boss, Ross Ulbricht. In a recent video, he talked about his communication with the Silk Road’s Dread Pirate Roberts. He said that “Dread Pirate Roberts” was only involved in Silkroad operations at the beginning but later subjugated duties to other administrators who oversaw its daily operations. Due to these factors it’s quite possible that the man could be innocent.


Taaki calls the Silkroad kingpin a good guy who’s always honest and candid when dealing with people, this based on the several conversations they had while Ulbricht was still using his pseudo identity. Amir believes that there were other individuals who had access to his virtual account, hence faking Ross’ identity in the process. These unscrupulous Silkroad personnel behaved differently each time he tried to start a conversation with them, which clearly shows that there were more than one administrator who had access to the Silkroad man’s online identity.

In his video, Amir says that some years back when he messaged Ulbricht they had a pleasant conversation together, talking about how one day the two would be out there struggling for web freedom, and not having to hide their identities anymore. However, 2 yrs. later when he started another conversation with him the Silkroad man had changed and could not even recollect their previous chats. It was apparent that he wasn’t the same guy as before. The conversation tone was different, and his attitude towards Taaki was in sharp contrast to the enthusiastic and wordy friend of before. This is exactly the same thing that was mentioned by the Silkroad boss’ defense team during trial, that someone could not know who was chatting on the other side of the computer.Dark Wallet

Moreover, in a previous interview of Dread Pirate Roberts conducted by Forbes, the then-current administrator disclosed that he didn’t start the Silkroad site but rather inherited control from the immediate predecessor. Though, Judge Katherine Forrest called the accused Silkroad creator “captain of the ship” and hand him more than 20 yrs. imprisonment.