Dark Web Site Like Silk Road, Shut Down By Authorities

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Ross Ulbricht’s Silkroad is gone and his Silkroad trial has been a wrap. However, that has not stopped the emergence of other dark web marketplaces whose intent is to fill the void left by Silkroad. Italian police report that they have closed the curtains on another major dark web site, said to be trading anything from child pornography to guns and drugs.


Filling in the void left by Silkroad


Police say that in an operation they dubbed “Babylon”;a systematic infiltration led to the closure of one of the more notorious havens of drugs and pornography around, collecting over 11,000 bitcoins wallets worth about1 million euros. The site had been in use for a while and just like Silkroad, it made use of the bitcoin cryptocurrency to ease transactions and throw a veil over the identities of those involved. Speculation is rife over what the market could realistically have been worth. However, the fact that it had over 14000 members and facilitated over 170,000 transactions points that a lot was going on in there. Police estimation puts the number of drug dealers using the site up until the time of closure at around 200, a hefty number only heard back in the day when Silkroad was in its prime.

An “extremely difficult” call

Michele Prestipino, a public prosecutor who led the investigation, has pointed out that what started out as an attack on child pornography brought down an entire site. The dark web’s frustrating antics seem to continue haunting the police, with the official claiming that getting into the depths Of the Babylon site was “extremely difficult”.


The Italian site “Babylon” is said to have been the brainchild of an Italian citizen from Naples. Like Silkroad, this site was only available via the Tor anonymous browser.