Different Personas Of The Silk Road Ex-DEA Agent

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DEA agentThe Justice Department has charged former DEA agent, Carl Mark Force IV, and Shaun Bridges, 32, with committing numerous instances of fraud while investigating the Silk Road. Force and Bridges, were both part of a Baltimore based task force committed to taking down the Silk Road, they are accused of money laundering and wire fraud. Carl Mark Force is also accused of stealing government property.


Carl Mark Force IV was the lead agent tasked with setting up communication with Dread Pirate Roberts, but the complaint against Force alleges that he did more than that. A Justice Department memo states that Force created additional online personas that he then used to engage in a wide range of illegal activities.

As an undercover agent, Force used the pseudonym “Nob” to develop a rapport with Dread Pirate Roberts (Ross Ulbricht, the operator of Silk Road), he convinced him through private messages on the Silk Road that he was a drug smuggler with international connections.

In the criminal complaint the authorities acknowledge that Carl Mark Force IV was “Nob”. However, it was only after Ross Ulbricht was arrested, and his Samsung 700z laptop seized, that the authorities learned how much of Force’s activity on the Silk Road hadn’t been recorded or reported to the prosecutors and his supervisors.

BitcoinAuthorities say Clark M. Force created the online persona “French Maid”, which wasn’t known by the task force members. Force then used the pseudonym “French Maid”, to sell sensitive law-enforcement information to the Dread Pirate Roberts. Federal prosecutors say that Ross Ulbricht’s own notes show that he paid “French Maid” $100,000 worth of bitcoins in exchange for information about somebody who had given his name to the law enforcement agencies.

Under another pseudonym, “Death From Above”, Force is accused of telling Ross Ulbricht he was a Green-Beret and a close friend of Curtis Green, whose murder Ross Ulbricht allegedly believed that he had paid for. Death From Above wrote to Dread Pirate Roberts and threatened to reveal his real name if Ross Ulbricht did not pay him $250,000. A screen recording program on Carl Mark Force’s DEA computer captured a video of him writing as the Death From Above.

Additionally, Force operated illegally as the Chief Compliance Officer for a third party exchange, CoinMKT, and used his powers to run illegal background checks, fake documents and steal customer funds.