Federal Judge In The Silk Road Trial Doxed By Hackers

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Judge Katherine B. ForrestAn unidentified group of hackers allegedly doxed Judge Katherine B. Forrest, the federal judge in the Silk Road case, posted her personal information -including personal address and social security number- in The Hidden Wiki, a Tor service that allows anyone to publish anonymously. The group announced future releases of data pertaining to Judge Forrest’s close friends and family members, inviting others to send her a SWAT police team to her domicile, steal her identity and pursue other illegal actions against her.

Free Ross UlbrichtAll individuals and groups affiliated with the Free Ross Ulbricht movement have denounced the action, noting that it will certainly do more harm than good to his cause. In fact, it has been claimed that the author/s of the dox may be agent provocateurs with an agenda to discredit Tor users in general, and the Free Ross Ulbricht movement in particular. It is still too soon to know which would be the implications of this action in the outcome of the Silk Road case and other cases, if any, but it is likely that new directives and measures will be implemented to further protect the identity of federal judges, law enforcement officials and other public servants online.


The posters of the dox claimed that Judge Forrest is playing her part in a government campaign to make BitCoin illegal, and is failing to administer justice in the Silk Road case. Acting against Ulbricht -charging him for money laundry-, and denying him a fair trade is, therefore, an act of conspiracy.

In any case, there has been a strong and unanimous rejection of the dox and the call for action against Katherine B. Forrest from other Hidden Wiki editorsand online communities involved in the developments of the Silkroad case and the Free Ross Ulbricht campaign.

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