Force’s Lawyer Sees Ulbricht Appeal will Not Likely Be Successful

ANNOUNCEMENT: Since the Silk Road 2.0 bust by the feds a few other Darknet Markets have fallen. Silk Road 3 is up and running with a big selection of goods.

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Ross-William-UlbrichtIn light of recent revelations regarding the rogue actions of Carl Mark Force IV, Ross Ulbricht has made an appeal to be freed. His defense attorney, Joshua Dratel stated that they were well aware of the fact that Carl Mark Force IV was a rogue cop, but they could not use that information during the Silkroad trials because they were not allowed to do so. Even though Silkroad is termed as one of the most “sophisticated and extensive criminal market,” many see it as an extreme expression of libertarianism. Needless to say, Ross Ulbricht’s Silkroad is seen by some as a radical experiment and he even has multiple supporters who have protested against his life sentence in prison as a “draconian sentence.”

However, Ivan Bates, Carl Mark Force’s lawyer stated that he thinks that Ross Ulbricht will not be granted an appeal as he was caught red handed and it is certain that he was the main perpetrator responsible for Silkroad. Ivan Bates clearly defended his client’s actions related to the Silkroad incident saying that Carl Force was not mentally stable because of excessive stress and should have never been assigned to the Silkroad undercover mission. Identifying Force as a man who has “given so much for his country and his family,” Bates blamed the government for not providing adequate help to Carl Force to combat mental illness and for wrongfully assigning him to the Silkroad mission.


Bates said that the rogue actions of Carl Force do not provide any guarantee that Ross Ulbricht will automatically be freed. He even went on record saying that the government usually builds its evidence well, and “there was probably more evidence” about Silkroad “than what’s even known.”

Bates identifies Carl Force as a remorse individual. Upon the court’s recommendation, Carl Force can attend a hospital on the federal side so as to handle and control his mental illness. Bates is hopeful that this might help him to do better eventually and move on with his life. The lawyer insists that there is hardly much comparison between Ulbricht and Force, considering the fact that the latter behaved irresponsibly because he had too much on his plate during the Silkroad investigations.