Former Silk Road DEA Agent Denied Bail

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Ross UlbrichtSilkroad was a widely used online black market which was mostly used to sell and buy illegal drugs. Silkroad was part of the Deep Web; online users could use it anonymously to avoid being tracked by officials. Carl Mark Force was a Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agent who was in charge of investigating the founder of Silkroad, Ross Ulbricht.


However, Force allegedly went rogue by offering to sell his secrets to Ulbricht, and then deposited the illegally gained profits in his own personal bank account. He is facing charges of fraud and money laundering, among others for his illegal activity on Silkroad.

However, Force was caught, arrested for his crimes, and is currently awaiting trial. Now, federal prosecutors have successfully argued that Force should remain in jail, without being granted bail. United States Judge, Elizabeth Laporte, was in charge of the Silkroad hearing, and weighed the arguments presented by both government lawyers and Force’s defense attorney. After hearing an hour and a half of arguments presented by both sides, Laporte agreed with federal prosecutors who claimed Force is a flight risk, and refused the possibility of bail for his alleged activities regarding Silkroad.

Force, who is 46-years-old, showed no emotion during the hearing, and was dressed in jail garb wearing a red uniform with “Alameda County Jail” written on his back. He was quickly transferred back to the jail after the hearing concluded, where is will remain until the Silkroad trial is over, and most likely even longer.

Alameda County Jail

When detectives apprehended Force, he had in his possession what is commonly referred to as a “go-bag”, something that is typically found on people who are planning to flee, which also included a gun. Prosecutors pointed out that Force knew how to create multiple fake identities due to his work in the DEA, and he also sent over $200,000 to an offshore bitcoin site shortly before his arrest. Force resigned his position at the DEA in May 2014. His fate will be decided when the Silkroad trial concludes on a date and time that is still to be decided.