How Coinalytics May Have Mapped Silk Road Transactions

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Silk Road MarketplaceThe Silk Road was a famous, or infamous, online business that allowed people to buy illegal drugs. Some people saw it as a place of freedom, while others saw it as a lawless gutter. Whatever the views that people had of it, it was riding the front wave of private shopping online. One way it allowed for privacy was the use of the crypto currency bitcoin.


Bitcoin is a form of online currency that prides itself in security and privacy for its users and transactions. This made it a perfect fit for a place like the Silk Road. However, it appears that there are ways of actually mapping out transactions and one company, Coinalytics, claims to have done just that with supposed Silkroad transactions. Not only can they map out transactions, there are claims of associating people with these transactions.

Bitcoin AnalyticsThey do this by using the way that bitcoin tracks transactions. In essence, there is something called the Block chain with bitcoin. This is a transaction database that also contains a hash of the previous block of transactions. Using this information and some sophisticated analytical software it is possible to track transactions from start to finish claims Coinalytics. They claim they can also build identifiable profiles.

This does not stop at simply gathering a list of transactions according to Coinalytics. Using a starting Bitcoin address, they claim to have mapped out an entire supposed Silkroad transaction. They analyzed the starting address and found a cluster of related transactions and the address of the other participant. With simply a starting address they could be able to track any number of transactions that are involved with that address.

To people who take their online shopping privacy seriously, this could be some bad news. If Coinalytics claims are accurate, then any transaction that was done with the Silk Road using bitcoin may be able to be mapped.