How Much Did The FBI Lie To Catch Ross Ulbricht?

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Ross UlbrichtThe trial of Ross Ulbricht, the Silk Road creator promises to shed some light into how exactly the FBI managed to catch the man. The FBI may be a force unto itself, but it is still expected to adhere to the legal boundaries expected of them. The methods that it used to collect evidence for the trial of Ross will be called into question.

Based on what the FBI revealed when it filed court documents, the login page of the hidden site, is what sold out its creator. This reveal was accidental and done through a configuration mistake on Tor’s side. However, Ross Ulbricht’s lawyer Joshua Dratel, a famous criminal lawyer will attempt to prove otherwise. The defense will argue that the FBI caught Ross by lying, an allegatio00.n if proved, may cause problems for the Bureau.

How much did the FBI lie to Catch Ross Ulbricht?


So, did the FBI lie to catch the Silk Road creator? If the bureau lied, how far did it go with those lies?

Did the FBI really track down the site server legally?

Silk Road SeizedBased on what the FBI states in its filings, its agents accidentally discovered that the Silk Road server was located in Iceland. Based on the information provided from the Bureau, two agents used the login page to enter “miscellaneous” data. When they did that, they noticed that the site’s CAPTCHA was loading from a non-Tor node. The misconfiguration therefore led them to determine that the server was located in Iceland.

That explanation, according to the hidden site’s watchers, is a bit murky. Based on what some privacy experts believe, the explanation given by the FBI does not make any sense. If what its agents say is true, it would mean that Tor has a huge security flaw that went unnoticed, which is highly unlikely. Other people would have spotted the flaw much sooner.

Because of the murky explanation offered by the FBI, many people speculate that the Bureau may have been more aggressive in trying to pin down Silk Road. In fact, many people believe that the FBI may have hacked its way into the site.

Based on the numerous possibilities that exist with regard to how the FBI actually, got access into one of the most secure and hidden sites online, Ross’ lawyers may be in a position to prove that the FBI may have lied. That is why the defense filed a motion arguing that the finding of Ross Ulbricht, the FBI’s way was akin to invading Ross’ privacy and making a search without a warrant. Proving such allegations however, will be another thing altogether.

Ross Ulbricht

Does the FBI have proof of its allegations?

Ross Ulbricht is also being accused of trying to solicit for murder for hire on Silk Road. This accusation arises from allegations that one of the site’s users was meant to exposes other users. Since now, the charges have not been made on this issue; one wonders if the allegations are true.

Some allegations against Ross are because the site he created used multiple proxies to cover the tracks of its administrators. The FBI will have its work cut out for them in trying to prove that the need for anonymity is similar to having criminal intent. How far will the Bureau go in trying to prove that? Well, nobody knows for now.

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