How To Buy From The Silk Road 3.0 (now 3.1)

After the shutdown of the original Silk Road and the infamous ending of its successor the Silk Road 2.0, it has come a time for a new iteration to step up to the plate and try to dominate the Darknet marketplaces scene.

Seeing as Silk Road 3.1 has been around for some time now; many people must be wondering if the marketplace is legit and trustworthy.

For starters, it recently changed from Silk Road 3.0 to Silk Road 3.1, it has the same admins, design, and feel (clone of SR 3.0) etc. The new site is even refunding all the bitcoins that got caught up in the Silk Road 3.0 shut down and Silk Road 3.1 hack. You just fill in the form after registering and you are all good.


As with pretty much all things “Darknet,” nothing is completely 100% safe, but there certainly are measures one can take to make sure you are not scammed, busted and safely receive what you ordered.

The first thing you want to do before you go through with ordering anything off of Silk Road 3.1 is to have your Bitcoin wallet ready and have some Bitcoin in it available for spending.

The whole process of safely acquiring and managing your Bitcoin is an entire topic in itself and will not be covered here in detail.

However, one can visit which does a good job of giving a guide on how to buy bitcoin anonymously.

Let’s order something…

The Silk Road 3.0 (3.1) onion url is: http://silkroad7rn2puhj.onion/?register&ref=bVehnOXR

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