Illicit Drugs On The Darknet

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Years ago, more specifically two years ago, the underground industry of illicit drug trade suffered a major setback following the closure of the infamous online drug bazaar- Silkroad. And whileDark Net Drugs Silkroad might have gone under, its shutdown has not in any way deterred the progressive use of darknetmarkets for purchasing illegal drugs from taking shape. If anything, most cryptographers learned a crucial lesson from the Silkroad take down, and have come up with almost water-tight secure underground sites. This has made it even harder for authorities and law enforcers to suppress the vice successfully.


These new sites, which have spawned from Silkroad, are also characterized by a hive of illegal activities ranging from counterfeiting, revenge pornography to gambling. And this has made them a good breeding ground for illicit drugs trading.

According to the data findings from Grams, one of the numerous dark web search engines, here is a rough breakdown of the cost of illicit drugs on the darknet today.

a) An ounce of marijuana goes for around $215.31.

b) The price of one gram of cocaine averages around $97.39.

c) A single gram of MDMA fetches a median price of $37.07.

d) A 30-pack of Adderall (a euphoric drug) has a price tag of $183.46. Which, of course, means that a single pack costs $6.12.

e) A 10-pack of Oxycontin is priced at $248.15 in most illegal drugs bazaars.

Grams DarkNet

Nonetheless, it is worth noting that some of these prices bear some correlation to the ones found on Silkroad two or three years ago. Before it was rooted out, Silkroad was by far the most prominent online marketplace for illegal substances.

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