Indicted Silk Road Employee Has engaged In Plea Discussions

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News coming in is that a former Silk Road employee, currently serving time in prison, has decided to negotiate a potential plea bargain with US prosecutors in exchange for a review of his criminal sentence. 42-yr. old Peter Nash is accused of being the chief moderator of Silk Road, he now faces life imprisonment if convicted by the U.S. federal prison.


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Nash, who was also formerly employed as a behavioral scientist at Wacol Prison in Queensland, went by the pseudonyms of Same same butdifferent and Batman73 on Silk Road site. After being charged, he was extradited to US and now serves sentence at the NY Metropolitan Correctional Center, he is awaiting a plea deal or trial for the case to be relooked.

The man is charged with a number of crimes including computer hacking, money laundering and narcotics conspiracy, which by itself carries a maximum life imprisonment or minimum 10yrs. sentence if found guilty. He was indicted of conspiring to sell large quantities of illicit drugs such as cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine through the darknet marketplace Silk Road.On March 13, Peter Nash is awaited to appear in a courtin Manhattan.

Silk Road In a recent court filing heard by District Court Judge Thomas, the assistant US State advocate Daniel Noble mentioned that the mentioned parties have been participating in plea discussions, but requires some extra time in order to reach a final disposition. It’s yet to be decided whether the judge will give this former Silk Road operative and his legal team additional time to prepare their plea bargain or not, all eyes are on the courts as they are expected to make a decision on this matter soon. Though it’s very unlikely that the charges will be dropped, if they argue their case well then Peter Nash may get 10 yrs. instead of life in prison.