Lafayette Man Ordered Drugs From Silk Road Faces 20 Years

Michael Munro Jr., a man from Lafayette, pleaded guilty of ordering drugs online using the Silk Road website from a location overseas and having them shipped to his own address. He purportedly smuggled and sold thousands of pills in a week according to a press release last week from the US Attorney’s Office.

The Lafayette Man Who Pleaded Guilty

According to the news release from the office of the US Attorney Stephanie Finley, Munro pleaded guilty on one count of smuggling of controlled substances and another one of possession of Schedule IV narcotic substances with intent to distribute them. Michael Munro Jr. was arrested in November 2014 and July 2015 on charges of buying narcotic drugs online from Silk Road and having them shipped to post offices and FedEx destinations in and around Lafayette. The investigations were conducted by the US Homeland Security Investigations, the US Postal Inspection Service along with Lafayette Metro Narcotics.


Michel Munro Jr. told federal agents that he started purchasing narcotic drugs online from the Silk Road website in March 2014. He ordered up to 1,500 Xanax bars at a time and admitted to selling over 3,000 tablets of Oxycontin in a week via Silk Road. Whereas Xanax is used to treat anxiety, Oxycontin is a painkiller. Alprazolam was another drug that he ordered frequently.

The charges against Munro would fetch him 20 years for the smuggling and 5 years for the second charge of possession of drugs with intent to distribute them. Munrofaces an additional three years of supervised release and $250,000 fine. However, a date for the sentence has not been set yet.

The online drug marketplace Silk Road was launched in the year 2011. Ross Ulbricht, the creator of Silk Road, was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2015 on charges including money laundering, computer hacking, and conspiracy to traffic narcotics.

Others That Pleaded Guilty in the Silk Road Case

Among others that pleaded guilty in the Silk Road case, one was a former special agent of the US Secret Service. Shaun Bridges of Maryland was a special agent of the US Secret Service for about six years when he was assigned to be a part of the Electronic Crimes Task Force that was investigating the Silk Road case. Through a series of very complex transactions, Shaun stole Bitcoins worth $820,000 when he was part of the Baltimore Task Force. This was a multi-agency group that was in charge of investigating illegal activity on the Silk Road website. He pleaded guilty to using an administrator account to pilfer bitcoins into a wallet. He then moved the amount to a digital currency exchange in Japan called Mt. Gox, liquidated the money between March and May 2013 and transferred the funds to his personal account. Shaun was sentenced to 71 months in prison in December 2015.

Carl M. Force from Baltimore was a special agent that worked with the Drug Enforcement Administration during the investigations of the Silk Road website. He pleaded guilty to stealing over $700,000 in digital currency while working with the investigating agencies as an undercover agent. He was sentenced to six and a half years in prison.


Curtis Green was another man arrested in connection with the Silk Road case. A moderator at the site, Curtis Green decided to give all the information to the police on any question that was asked of him. He said that one agent, Shaun Bridges, kept asking him as to how to log on to servers, how to change passwords and how to execute certain other administrative tasks. At one point in time Shaun Bridges transferred bitcoins to Green’s account to make it appear that Curtis had stolen the bitcoins. He received over 30 death threats from those that thought he had stolen their money. Soon the main operator and creator of Silk Road wanted him killed. Unfortunately, the man that he engaged for the murder was Carl M. Force who was working as an undercover agent on the same case. Working together with Green, they tricked Dread Pirate Roberts into believing that Curtis was murdered. Green was sentenced to time served.