Latest Court Proceedings Update On Ross Ulbricht

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Ross William UlbrichtProsecution of the alleged creator of Silkroad Ross Ulbricht has had a minor triumph after a United States court rejected attempts to have the suit dismissed. The defense lawyer had in March 2014 made attempts seeking to have the judge refuse any further hearing on the case challenging allegations that Mr. Ulbricht conspired directly with silkroad customers. The suit to dismiss had also cited fault in the legal parameters defining money laundering stressing that bit coin is not covered within the confines of money laundering law.

While dismissing Mr. Ulbricht’s claims, a US district judge said the government’s case had enough grounds to have the alleged creator of Silkroad prosecuted. The court recognized that bit coins have value and that they are used purposely as a store of the same and a means of exchange. The court reiterated that prosecution has cause to show Mr. Ulbricht acted in the capacity of Silkroad’s ringleader further adding that if or not the government can substantiate these claims at this point in time is not important.


Ross William Ulbricht

Mr. Ulbricht’s defense had sought to raise doubts on the narcotics and money laundering charges as such discrediting the validity of the case as presented by the prosecutors. The defense presented in court documents that showed the defendant never acted or held a managerial position in Silkroad especially among its community. The defense attorney also pointed out that prosecution had not presented evidence to prove Mr. Ulbricht’s involvement in managerial roles.


With the court rejecting this motion to dismiss, Silkroad’s alleged creator now looks at a trial that is tentatively slated to start in November 3rd. If convicted, he faces imprisonment for continued criminal enterprise as well as computer hacking. His defense will now focus on arguing that Silkroad is an e-commerce site just like any other and should not be made to answer for illegal activities committed on the platform.

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