Latest Interview With Silk Road Creator’s Mother

ANNOUNCEMENT: Since the Silk Road 2.0 bust by the feds a few other Darknet Markets have fallen. Silk Road 3 is up and running with a big selection of goods.

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Mrs. Ulbricht’s most recent interview painted a picture of not only a dedicated mother but also a comrade-in-arms who fully supported the ideals that her son was touted to believe in. She managed to shed some light about some pressing topics-

On the issue of Silk Road becoming known as the world’s largest drug trafficking portal:

Lyn Ulbricht

Mrs. Lyn Ulbricht made it clear that she does not support drug use nor the Silk Road website herself. She firmly believes that her son Ross did not create Silk Road as a mere portal for illicit trading, but rather, for the realization of his ideals as a free market libertarian. She recounted how Ross pursued this passion: by teaching others about the topic through his own self-made video game and the lectures he gave out at the University of Texas, among other things.


On government encroachment on people’s personal liberties:

The judge in Ross’s trial accepted digital evidence to indict him. Other courts have already rejected this kind of evidence, but this was accepted in Ross’s case. Mrs. Ulbricht finds it unnerving that the government can use easily photoshopped digital material to indict anyone, which in this case can also be used as a precedent for them in the future. She also questioned about the legality of the confiscation of her son’s laptop, pointing out that it was confiscated only through a general warrant.

On Ross’s life sentence:

Silk Road Marketplace

She called the whole thing draconian before, and she still stands with that today. There’s just no reason for a non-violent person who committed no crimes before (and who also technically didn’t commit a violent crime) be jailed for his whole life. Mrs. Ulbricht pointed out that the government was using Ross as poster boy for the War on Drugs, but in doing so, was turning a blind eye towards all the other drug lords that they have failed to arrest. A life sentence will just destroy Ross and not reform him. There are hundreds of non-violent people like Ross rotting in jails all over the country, but the government is not setting its sights on the greater problem.

As a final note, Mrs. Ulbricht pointed out that Ross was a sweet kid, who as a child, was affable, easy going, and compassionate.