“Libertas” of the Silk Road Loses US Extradition Appeal

Irish citizen Gary Davis, 28, has been accused of assisting in the operation of the Silk Road.

The original Silk Road was a darknet market that allowed users to engage in trade of drugs and other illicit goods.

The now defunct Silk Road marketplace was popular for this kind of illegal trade largely due to its privacy and anonymity with the use of bitcoin as the predominant means of payment.


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The team did a massive security overhaul on the site to try and make it more secure and anonymous.

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Irish citizen Gary Davis, 28, lost his appeal against extradition to the United States for charges associated with being a Silk Road administrator.

Gary Davis recently lost an extradition appeal in the US, where he is expected to face charges that relate to more than $200 million worth of drug sales on the Silk Road website.

Furthermore, Gary Davis is being accused by the US authorities of conspiracy pertaining the distribution of narcotics, to commit computer hacking, and to money laundering.

Davis may be facing life imprisonment in the event he is found guilty of conspiracy to distribute narcotics, let alone if the other charges are added on.

The Court of Appeal of Ireland noted that Gary Davis was allegedly earning $1500 every week for his services on the Silk Road market.

The evidence was supposedly quite substantive, and Davis was not obliged to make a plea in his hearing.

The Defense team’s argument

Gary Davis’ defense attorneys presented an argument on the basis that the judge who had ordered for Davis’ extradition the previous year had made a mistake in reaching a conclusion about Gary Davis’ mental condition, noting that he had Asperger’s syndrome, anxiety, and depression.

According to the court, these did not amount to a legitimate risk of a violation of his rights under the Irish law.

The Court of Appeal’s three-judge bench concurred with the extradition judge’s decision.

The court was of the stance that the United States authorities would adequately protect Gary’s mental and physical health.

The court also said that it had taken into consideration the issues that arose pertaining the extradition and imprisonment of Gary Davis.

Court of Appeal takes into consideration Gary’s mental and physical health

The Court agreed, however, that it would be a gruesome experience for a person who had strong mental health, let alone who had a mental health conditions like Davis, to go through extradition and subsequent imprisonment.

Davis, who was accused of aiding in the operation of the Silk Road darknet market, was taken into custody following his appeal against his extradition to the United States being dismissed by the Court of Appeal.

Davis’ defense lawyers have not yet revealed whether they would be making a further appeal to the Supreme Court of Ireland.

It was emotional for some of Gary’s family and friends who were present in court.

Davis briefly hugged some of his relations before he was put into custody.

The United States authorities claim that Davis was an administrator for the Silk Road website.

The charges that Davis will face carry a life sentence under American law.

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