Man Linked to Silk Road Meth Conspiracy Sentenced To 30 Months

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A native Portland man has been sentenced to 30 months imprisonment for supplying methamphetamine that was sold on the now-shuttered darknet site, the Silk Road. Later after he was arrested in 2013, Richard Webster (47) pleaded guilty to charges of conspiring to distribute hard drugs online.



Authorities say he sold more than 30 lbs. of meth to a client named Jason Hagen, who later posted them on the Silk Road for other people to buy. Webster was sentenced partly because attorneys on both sides of the case emphasized on certain changes made since his first arrest.

When initially held, Richard was so high on methamphetamine that he could hardly speak clearly. However, after cleaning up and pleading for custody to his 18-month old son, assistant U.S. Attorney Jennifer Martin recommended that he gets a lenient punishment given his willingness to turn over a new leaf.

Talking to U.S. District Judge Robert Jones, Webster said that being busted is the best thing that has ever happened to him. He had led his entire life since teenage-hood high on drugs, and the last few 20 months prior to sentencing have been eye opening. The magistrate acknowledged his progress towards becoming a better man, but still warned that most drug addicts have a tendency of going back to their old undesirable ways.

Methamphetamine CrystalJones told him that he needs to become an employable, dependable and decent person in order to succeed in life after serving the prison sentence. As for Hagen, he’s set to be sentenced on October after pleading guilty to the same accusations, during investigations it was revealed that he’s a highly educated man with PhD in philosophy and went by the Silk Road pseudonym of “hammertime”.