Many Of The Darknet Sites Seized In Operation Onymous Were Clone Sites

If you want to visit Silkroad 2.0 then you will want to know that it was shut down by the feds on 5th November 2014 and the alleged operator “Defcon” has been arrested. The best alternative is Agora Marketplace, it actually has more listings than Silkroad 2.0. Silkroad 3.0 is ALREADY live and there will be more info about it here soon.

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Laptop Crime SceneAfter law enforcement took down the original Silkroad, the Dark Web made a vengeful comeback through the establishment of Silkroad 2.0 and a bunch of other Dark Web websites. However, several of these sites have also been taken down in a joint operation between the FBI and Europol a few weeks ago. However, it is emerging that a large number of the 414 sites involved in this operation were ‘clones’. The grim realization has forced Europol to admit that it has seized only about two dozen sites, including Silkroad 2.0. This means that the actual black market sites remain operational while their clones fell into the hands of the law enforcers.


How did this happen?

Unlike in the past, law enforcement authorities targeted servers hosting Tor hidden sites rather than targeting specific sites and then trying to determine their identity as was the case with Silkroad. Luckily, this operation helped nab several sites. However, it seems that a bot called “Onion Cloner” targeting Dark Web sites would make clones of actual black market sites in an attempt to steal passwords and intercept Bitcoin transactions. Consequently, the FBI ended up seizing these clone sites instead of the actual sites. It is possible that all Onion Cloner sites were affected by this operation. Operation Onymous was however, able to seize about $1m in bitcoins, gold, silver, narcotics, and 180,000 Euros in cash.


Deep WebThe Dark Web is notorious for its spirited comebacks after every significant sting operation, as evidenced by the establishment of Silkroad 2.0. However, this time it seems that the online black market has dodged the greatest attempt to cripple its operations since the original Silkroad was taken off the web, and the presence of clone sites created by a bot in an attempt to steal from users of Tor hidden sites. Although Silkroad 2.0 has been taken down, the online black market remains largely unaffected.