Mom Of Silk Road Creator Talks About Her Son’s Life Sentence

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Lyn Ulbricht, mother to the Silk Road creator, has expressed shocked and dismay over the judge’s recent ruling of his son to life imprisonment without parole. In a short interview conducted after the sentencing, she called the entire process used to convict Ross as “draconian” and biased towards prosecution.


In her conviction, Judge Forrest told the Silk Road founder that his actions were “terribly destructive to the social fabric” and warranted the harshest penalty possibly. Prosecutors directly linked the death of five individuals who overdosed on drugs tohis website, with two parents who untimely lost their kids to drugs also speaking in court about the harrowing experience their children went through before dying.

Lyn UlbrichtLyn Ulbricht however maintains that her son was unreasonably searched, and the case has also negatively impacted on Internet freedom & privacy. With help from her family, they have opened a fundraising site by the name of to raise funds for future acquittal appeals that will be made.

The mother told New York’s Daily Intelligencer magazine that Judge Forrester wasn’t interested in facts while giving the ruling, but rather settling a personal score with the Silk Road founder and making an example out of him. She maintains that even if her son was guilty of all those charges, life imprisonment is still too callous, given that murderers who actively kill people don’t even get that kind of sentencing.

Dread Pirate RobertsAfter giving the 31 yr. old a life-behind-bars sentence, U.S District Judge Katherine B. Forrest further ordered him to pay $183 million restitution fee for the illegal drugs that were sold on Silk Road. Lyn Ulbricht and her family continue disputing the state’s harsh penalty, and have vowed never to stop fighting for their son’s rightful freedom. She claims that the new evidence which emerged showing federal agents trying to fix Ross should have been considered before making the ruling, something that the magistrate clearly omitted.