Mother Of Accused Silk Road Leader Remains Optimistic For Her Son’s Case

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Lyn Ulbricht, the mother of alleged Silk Road ringleader Ross William Ulbricht has a long and intense year. It is now one year since her son was arrested by federal agents at a San Francisco public library, imprisoned and paraded on newspapers and magazines as the alleged Silk Road mastermind.

Ross Ulbricht’s Family

One year later, Lyn is optimistic, sounds energetic at times and exhausted at others. She’s prone to long sighs but is from time to time open to laughter when talking about her life experiences, her son’s case and trial. The alleged Silk Road ringleader Ross Ulbricht’s trial is scheduled to start on 10th November at 500 Pearl Street, New York. It is then that the many months of legal back and forth, the motions and filings will come to an end. Her son will stand trial for crimes the United States government alleges that he committed while operating Silk Road, a now infamous black market website that earned millions from between 2011 and 2013, through Bitcoin – a digital currency that was at time largely unknown.


Lyn has said that the case has been an eye-opener to her and that she has been alarmed by the action taken by the government against Ross Ulbricht who she maintains has been accused unfairly of using the assumed name Dread Pirate Roberts to operate Silk Road.

While she says she hasn’t exactly been a fan of the government over the years, she’s been alarmed at the actions it has taken, Lyn talks passionately about her son’s case, the questions about how the FBI acquired the evidence that they allege shows that her son operated Silk Road and the latest FBI statements. She also talks passionately about the struggles of caring for her son who’s currently residing in the Federal Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, New York.

She hopes that her son’s case will not go to trial, that in spite of the bad breaks a miracle will occur and the case against her son will be dismissed at an evidentiary hearing.

Ross Ulbricht’s Mother

Lyn views the case against her son as an example of the ever expanding power of the government and how one can easily be accused of a crime in the United States. She asserts that the Ross is proof of how the system works, of how a person who has not been convicted, doesn’t have any prior arrests and is non-violent can be imprisoned for a whole year without bail.

Lyn has taken an active interest in, visiting conferences and rallies, blogging updates in the case, tweeting photos of supporters, and castigating reporters on social media. indicates that to date the campaign has raised over $185,000 towards its $250,000 goal.

Lyn has said that she is quite grateful to the supporters of the campaign, particularly Ver who has donated $70,000. She said that she hopes to one day meet Ver, so that she could thank him personally.

Lyn maintains that her son needs a strong defense, especially given the magnitude of the case against him and the implications it will have in Internet law. She said that helping her son is now her main focus and that she has relocated with her husband Kirk, to the Northeast so that they could be closer to Ross.

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