Mother Of Silk Road Creator Gives New Info About Her Son’s Case

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Lyn UlbrichtLyn Ulbricht, the mother of convicted Silkroad kingpin Ross Ulbricht, known as “Dread Pirate Roberts”, is currently waging an intense campaign to get his son free from jail for charges she claims are false and only based on sensationalism and emotion. In an exclusive interview posted on YouTube for the world to see, Lyn says that she has new information about Ross’ Silkroad trial which sheds light on how the state conducts itself when investigating and prosecuting people.


Interviewed by Mr. Luke Rukowski, who is the founder of an organization seeking to expose corruption in higher places “”, Lyn Ulbricht claims that there are issues with how the Silkroad case was conducted that people need to know about. The information she’s giving is so crucial that at the beginning of the interview Rukowski describes it as “insane”.

She starts by claiming that the government issued a gag order to Reason magazine, when they published details on how people expressed shock with the sentencing of Ross. This is after authorities issued a grand jury subpoena to the administration, demanding them to release private information about Internet users who posted shocking messages about the Silkroad ruling.

Senator Charles Schumer

Ulbricht also questions New York Senator Charles Schumer’s actions, after calling for the closure of Silkroad and then “strangely” ordering that his son’s Silkroad trial be conducted in New York rather than California where he was initially arrested. The legal prosecutor was Chuck Schumer’s own special counsel for years, and the Silkroad judge was also suggested by the senator himself.

She further notes that the Silkroad judge didn’t allow Ross to defend himself but instead muzzled witnesses, totally refusing to hear their side of the story. Cross examination should have been done on both sides instead of only focusing on the Silkroad founder, particularly given the fact that two corrupt cops were found guilty of stealing money from the Silkroad website. These agents had unwarranted access to the organization’s finances even before the final prosecution was made against Ross Ulbricht, something that is in total disregard of the law since everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Lyn further states that the U.S. government acted in contempt of the court, by allowing their agents to pilferage Silkroad accounts even though Ross had not yet been convicted but only arraigned in court.

According to her own words, the corrupt agents “…had full access to the Silkroad site for almost a year” before trial, therefore trusting evidence solicited from a server which was already tampered with was not fair for the victim. This Silkroad case was overrun by hard feelings and even though she feels terrible “for those parents of people who died from using those drugs”, the courtroom should have relied more on facts and evidence than sentiments.

Ulbricht alleges that they hired a professional forensic pathologist to study the alleged deaths, and after several months of research he concluded that there’s no scientific evidence proving that the victims died from consuming Silkroad drugs, or any other illegal substance for that matter. Moreover, the government relying on digital evidence which could have easily been forged is setting a “very troubling precedent” for future convictions.