Mother Of Silk Road Creator Has Suffered A Heart Attack

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The mother to Silkroad founder Ross Ulbricht recently got a heart-attack, which could have been caused by shock and concern over her son’s arrest. Ever since Ross known as “Dread Pirate Roberts” was given a life sentence, Mrs. Lyn Ulbricht has been on the frontline in championing for his release from prison following the Silkroad ruling. News about her condition was first broke out by the “Free Ross” official Twitter account, where they wrote that she had suffered a heart failure but is currently in hospital recuperating and making great improvements with each passing day.

The family has gone through a lot of stressful times in their campaigns and that’s probably why these health issues are emerging. Though Ross’ reaction after hearing the sad news has not yet been revealed, it probably made him feel helpless given that his mom has been doing all this just to get him released from jail.

Some online users have already pointed fingers on the convicted Silkroad man for his mother’s woes; they claim that he underestimated the risks involved in trading drugs online by refusing to encrypt Silkroad transactions. Something that ultimately gave cops an upper hand in finding enough evidence to place him behind bars. Maybe if he had taken better security measures on his Silkroad site then the arrest would not have been made, and the mom might not have passed through such painful conditions that led to her heart attack.


Lyn Ulbricht
Given that Mrs. Lyn had been healthy prior to the current heart condition, it’s very unlikely that it could have been caused by another underlying disease other than the stresses of his son’s Silkroad conviction. Nevertheless, some people are putting blame on the jury for giving Ross a rather harsh Silkroad penalty, and not considering the evidence which her mom brought forth to court showing how officers tampered with investigations. Based on these allegations, it could be that Mrs. Ulbricht felt like her evidence towards freeing the Silkroad founder were not being given proper consideration. And this might have triggered a sudden realization that her efforts would ultimately not bear fruits, despite all the hard work that has been put towards the case. Such overwhelming feelings may also be responsible for the heart attack.

Those who are routing for Ross’ release argue that the sentence was not necessary, given that he was not an immediate threat to society. The jury didn’t consider his family’s plea despite them having enough evidence of Silkroad case tampering by police officers. Lyn has been caught on several occasions saying that everybody deserves the right to proper hearing when accused of a crime, but for his son it has all been a one-sided affair where court proceedings relied solely on prosecution evidence while mulling what the accused had to say about the Silkroad case.

Based on Dread Pirate Roberts’ past clean criminal history, seeing that he’s a first time offender in drug related activities, the mom still believes that his Silkroad case was hurried and not handled professionally by concerned judges. Though details have not yet emerged as to what she was actually doing at the time the heart attack happened, it’s believed that Lyn was in her new home in New York after temporarily relocating from Austin, Texas, to be closer to her son who is currently being held at the Manhattan Metropolitan Correctional Center after being found guilty of playing a part in Silkroad.

Heart Pulse
Mandatory life sentence is quite long and the fact that she wouldn’t be seeing Ross for many decades can be quite overwhelming. The judges gave their Silkroad injunction without considering the effects it would have on immediate family members, Mrs. Lyn’s sudden heart attack goes to show how Ulbricht’s family has been in deep turmoil since the man was incarcerated for his Silkroad involvement.

During the Silkroad trial, it emerged that DPR once said that he “made drugs safer” and this might have been interpreted by judges as a sign of arrogance, hence, the heavy sentencing. However, others believe that she only wanted to make an example out of him for anyone else who may be tempted to join the drug trade. The mother believes justice isn’t supposed to be blind and emotive but all-inclusive by considering emerging evidence, even if the case is already ongoing as was with Silkroad.

She maintains that Silkroad was not created to sell drugs but as a free-market libertarian site, where people had the right to do whatever they want without scrutiny from government agencies. Ross himself was a well-meaning person despite other individuals using the Silkroad platform he created to trade narcotics. In a recent interview, Lyn admits that they regularly discussed these issues before his son’s arrest. While still a free man, he used to give lectures at the University of Texas concerning free market courses, and was also considering a YouTube course on the same. The mother definitely doesn’t support the sale of narcotics on Silkroad but is for freedom of Internet use. Lyn Ulbricht is currently receiving treatment at the hospital and is yet to give a statement regarding her heart attack.