Silk Road Judge Has Denied Requests To Remove Evidence Relating To The “Murder-For-Hire” Allegations

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Silk Road MarketplaceA ground-breaking development has unfolded in the pending Silk Road case. U.S District Judge Katherine Forrest has stated that all evidence and notations regarding the alleged “Murder-For-Hire” will be made available to the jury. This was confirmed by a new judicial order that is predicted to cause severe blow to the defense. Although the defendant is not being charged with this crime, the evidence can be used to persuade and steer the minds of jury. This release was set a week before the criminal trial is to begin. What was a drug trafficking case is now taking on a much darker mood.


Judge Katherine ForrestThe defendant’s lawyer has been fighting to have the government evidence removed from the trial. The allegation states that the defended contracted and paid for no less than six attempted murders. Even though the defendant does not face charges for the murders, US District Judge Katherine Forrest has confirmed the evidence will be made available to the jury.

The order is comprised of over 45-pages of evidence. The government has been pushing to have this active and in-play for the trial. With less than a week before the criminal trial starts, it’s anyone’s guess as to what will happen. This is stated to be the last major pre-trial event before the case is set to begin.

The defense fears that the presentation of this evidence will tip the scales in favor of the prosecution. Many questions remain around the legality of the evidence and how the Silk Road servers were procured by the FBI.

Ulbricht who is the defendant has been in custody for over a year awaiting trial. Ulbricht was arrested in a public library located in San Francisco in October 2013. He is accused of being the founder and manager of the popular “darknet” site Silk Road. Ulbricht has pleaded not guilty.