New Silk Road Documents Unsealed, New Revelations

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U.S. Attorney Preet BhararaA new plain text document containing 122 pages of Mr. Ulbricht’s Silkroad case was released to the courts. In relation to these new developments, U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara is currently pleading to Judge Katherine Forrest that corrupt Baltimore investigations which were used to prosecute Ross are unreliable, since those mandated with conducting preliminary investigations displayed corrupt behavior throughout the process. The Silkroad hearing was previously halted due to ongoing inquiries on Carl Mark Force (IV), but this document is likely to bring all attention back to the original case.


The pages mainly represent information pertaining to crooked agents. These documents were only unsealed for public scrutiny after the Silkroad agents were arrested, they would be presented in court at a later date to answer the charges that have been brought against them.

According to authorities in the judiciary, SA Force is currently being probed by the USAO-San Francisco for alleged misconduct as a DEA undercover agent in the darknet market Silkroad investigation. Usually, when detectives tamper with evidence even in a small way, then doubt would be cast over the entire process used to bring charges forward.


Whether this suspicion is liable or not shall be determined by a jury before Ulbricht’s trial is relooked again, lawyers have hinted that the accused can use this opportunity to seek a much lighter sentence than what he’s currently facing. All along, prosecutors have been painting the Silkroad founder as a dangerous murder-for-hire drug kingpin. But the defense is confident that these Silkroad charges have been framed up and are a far cry from the truth, something they hope would soon be revealed in the dossier that has just been submitted to judges concerned. The extract is comprehensive and mentions specific conversations between the agents, including how they colluded to set up Mr. Ulbricht right from the start. However, there’s still much more information yet to be disclosed about the Silkroad case.