Programmer Wants To Auction User Details And Source Code

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A man alleging to be the former chief programmer of Silkroad 2.0 has threatened to auction off user account details and source code of the now defunct site to “Darkleaks”, a new black market for buying and selling information. The man who goes by the name of SRDouglas has announced that the deal would take place via his anonymous account, and the highest bidder would walk away with the valuable data.


Silk Road SeizedThis individual says that from Nov. 2013 till the day that FBI agents seized Silkroad 2.0 in 2014, he secretively oversaw the website’s operations from behind the curtains and also managed to decode its primary servers. SRDouglas claims that he was paid 1,200 BTC for the services rendered, based on a comment he left on virtual chat forum Bitcoin Talk.

The programmer expressed sentiments that he had been sitting on a massive database backup system consisting of valid usernames and hashed passwords of 476,122 active subscribers, 145,493 transaction records, 52,481 private messages, 51,490 depositing addresses, 13,280 brand listings and 7,756 plain-text passwords,including the entire Silkroad 2.0 source code.

AuctionTo prove the validity of his Silkroad auction, the man has already leaked a basic text file which has the 476,122 account details even though passwords have not yet been provided for security purposes. Only hashes are available for those who may want to view this information. He’s also releasing 10/100 chunks at specific sections of the main sequence blockchain. SRDouglas is available for online comments or deals at the Reddit platform, plus at a fee he’s also willing to spilt-up information from the defunct Silkroad 2.0 website.

Initially the man wants to sell off database of all the available Silkroad usernames, and if that auction process goes on successfully other files would soon follow up. Before a client pays money for the Darkleaks file, a random collection of segments would be released having been specifically chosen by the block chain. This is done to determine whether the contents match with the leaker’s claims.