“Samesamebutdifferent” Pleads Guilty

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Peter NashAged 42, Peter Nash pled guilty last week in a US District Court to charges of conspiracy for committing money laundering and narcotics trafficking. His association with the famous online drug marketplace Silk Road is the reason behind these charges. The court documents report Nash to be working as a forum moderator for about ten months beginning from January 2013, with different names such as “Batman73”, “Samesamebutdifferent”, “Anonymousasshit” or “Symmetry”.


Ross Ulbricht About a month after the conviction of Ross Ulbricht due to being accused of the founder of Silk Road, the Southern District of New York received the plea. According to the documents presented by the court, the forum moderators were also in charge of monitoring the user activities on discussion forums, offering guidance to users about doing business on Silk Road, and conveying major issues mentioned on these forums to Ulbricht and the site administrators. His expected annual salary for that position is around $50,000 to $75,000.

The court documents explain that Nash was founded by the authorities by attaining the “Weekly Report” (Aug 2, 2013) compiled by him for DPR regarding site activity. When it comes to the narcotics trafficking charges, he has been accused of having mixtures and substances containing a detectable amount of several drugs, mainly 5kg of cocaine, 1kg of heroin, 500g of meth and 10g of LSD.

Silkroad Online Marketplace Andrew Michael Jones and Gary Davis, two other people working as site administrators in the Silkroad online marketplace are included in the accusations on U.S. v. Jones. Jones pled guilty in October 2014 and his chats with Ulbricht and the driver’s license were presented as evidence during the proceedings of Ulbricht’s trial. Gary is in Ireland with a pending extradition

Reportedly, Nash denies identifying Dread Pirate Roberts despite being appointed by the latter to handle the chat forums of the Silk Road. Initially, he discovered the site for purchasing drugs and building social connections. Presently, he expresses deep regrets about the matter and feels apologetic for the damages he caused.