Silk Road 3.0 – Another Drug E-Commerce

ANNOUNCEMENT: Well it has happened! Another Silkroad Darknet Market has spawned after the demise of Silkroad 2.0. The new site is called Silkroad Reloaded and is utilizing different technology than its predecessors therefore a new guide for Silkroad Reloaded will be coming soon. In the mean time Agora Marketplace is still alive and kicking bigger than ever with more listings than Silkroad 2.0.

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It seems like the Silk Road is a notorious darknet marketplace that people might not soon forget. After the original Silkroad was closed down by authorities in October 2013, and Silkroad 2.0 faced a similar fate late last year during Operation Onymous, Silk Road 3.0 is already open for business.


Silk Road Marketplace and BitcoinsIn fact, the third incarnation of Silkroad opened hours after the authorities took down Silkroad 2.0, welcoming its visitors to “Silk Road Reloaded” on its homepage. In the true spirit of its fallen predecessors, the site is essentially a drug-dealing bonanza that has broad offerings of illegal drugs. However, is Silk Road 3.0 another drug e-commerce?

Just like its predecessors, the online black market Silk Road 3.0 allows drug dealers to meet drug users in an anonymous platform where the purchase decisions were relatively risk-free. The Silkroad Reloaded even perpetuates the libertarian views popularized by Ulbricht, the founder of the original Silkroad.

The success of the first Silkroad was a first in the online illicit market, since it was able to handle business worth over $1 billion. Silkroad 2.0 was also quite successful given its ability to make about $8 million a month for about a year before it succumbed to law enforcement efforts to close it down.

Silk Road MarketplaceWhen the Silk Road Reloaded gained popularity after Silkroad 2.0 was shut down, there was a consensus that it would not become another drug e-commerce site like its predecessors did, but this remains to be seen.

At its launch, the Silk Road Reloaded was a Tor hidden site that many believed would not stand the test of time. However, it has recently switched to the use of I2P, which it believes to be more secure than the Tor network, which was used by both of its predecessors. Nevertheless, its singular focus on being a choice market for illegal drugs could very well make it another major drug e-commerce.