Silk Road 3.0 – Continuing The Legacy

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Silk Road 3.0When Silk Road 3.0 was launched in November of last year, it was met with a lot of skepticism. People did have enough reason to be wary. Its predecessor, Silkroad 2.0, was shuttered down and its alleged operator, Blake Benthall, was arrested. This happened even when the admins promised to undertake more precautionary measures in their running of the site.


Yet as things go on the Internet, when you shut one site down, a dozen similar ones pop up soon after. There are several darknet marketplaces that enjoyed a surge of traffic after Silkroad shut down, but none have truly replicated the success that the original one had.

Ross William UlbrichtEnter Silkroad 3.0. Originally Diabolus Market, the site was renamed as the Silk Road 3.0 in order to capitalize on the Silkroad name which was enjoying huge media traction since Ross Ulbricht’s arrest.

Its launch was marred with doubts – was it just a honeypot setup by the FBI? But more than half a year later, these doubts seem to have vanished. Silkroad 3.0 is still in existence, with more than 100,000 users buying and selling all sorts of illicit items.

But aren’t the Silk Road 3.0 administrators afraid of getting caught (especially considering how their predecessors ended up in jail)? Fezzik, a Silkroad 3.0 employee, gave an interview that details how he and other Silkroad 3.0 employees and admins manage to get by everyday with the fear of arrest looming over their heads.

Fezzik, who is a father of two kids, acknowledges the dangers of his job and even admits that he is haunted by it every day. But instead of being afraid, this just pushes him and the team to look for more ways to improve operational security on Silkroad 3.0. He also believes that other darknet marketplaces will continue to surge in popularity even after the Ulbricht fiasco.

It seems like Silk Road 3.0 just won’t be going anywhere soon with people like Fezzik on the team.