Silk Road 3.0 Down For Maintenance

If you have tried visiting the Silk Road 3.0 website recently (the official URL http://reloadedudjtjvxr.onion) you might have found the site – offline.

cmNow, apparently Silk Road 3.0 is run by the same admins that run Crypto Market, so if you are not afraid to experiment a little, maybe this can be a suitable alternative for you. Crypto Market is growing rapidly and already is the 4th biggest darknet market with over 20000 listings and 12500 listings of drugs. It is known that the Crypto Market has also been offline every now and then recently because of a DDos attack, this is usually because the owner of another market is pissed off that there is a new market rapidly rising and stealing business. The developers are trying to apply new security measures and other upgrades to eliminate the threat which will only make it better.

Just to recap, Silk Road is the best known name for a darknet market; it’s almost like – a rock star on the darknet! The original, first Silk Road market was founded by Ross Ulbricht, later arrested and convicted to two lifetime sentences in prison.


Immediately after the fall of the market and Ross Ulbricht, Silk Road 2.0 emerged. 2.0 wasn’t in the media as much as its predecessor but actually did more business than the original, and pretty soon was seized by the officials; its founder was arrested as well in the Operation Onymous.

However, the saga didn’t end here and the 3.0 version of the market was born. It had a brand new design and it was much more secure than the previous version of this popular drug market.

At the same time new speculations started. Some claimed that the market was a scam and that they are trying to fool inexperienced buyers and perform an exit scam. Some users (perhaps those veteran users that have seen several marketplaces go down for this or that reason, such as Silk Road, Agora, Evolution, and so on… and are used to these dynamic changes on the Dark Web) are totally blasé about this; while others agree with the exit scam being the possible cause.

Whatever the cause for this downtime is and whether we should trust the speculations, it is still just an object of debates on the internet, until the admins release the official explanation. And despite many allegations, many have remained faithful to the Silk Road brand and still hope that their chosen marketplace will be up and running in no time.

There is nothing strange in these sudden disappearances of darknet markets. It can happen anytime and for any reason. Every time a darknet market disappears, immediately new speculations spring out – people evaluating whether it’s an exit scam or a DDoS attack or whether the market was seized by the authorities. Even bigger fuss is made when one of the markets bearing the Silk Road brand name goes missing.

After the pioneer marketplace Silk Road, it happened to its successor, a very popular market Agora. The admins planned to work on improving the security of its website, and promised to be online as soon as they resolve some well-known issues with Tor network. They officially announced their break and even offered enough time for their customers to withdraw their funds from the website. However, their long awaited return hasn’t happened yet; instead, many other markets followed and joined them in their disappearance from the face of the Darknet.

In the case of Silk Road 3.0, everything is still possible; and it feels reasonable to hope it’s just down for maintenance.

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