Silk Road Closure Make Darknet Activities Harder To Track

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TOR and National Security AgencyIn October 2013, the FBI took down the original Silkroad site and proclaimed a huge breakthrough against the darknet illegal markets. But, only months after the closure of Silkroad, the number of such sites was higher than ever. It is being reported that the takedown of the online illegal drug marketplace Silkroad has made it harder to track criminals on the Dark Web.


According to a report published by the Global Commission on Internet Governance, increased scrutiny on the Tor network and higher monitoring of the internet is making criminals more careful in hiding their tracks warned by the epic SilkRoad shutdown.

Ross Ubricht and DrugsThe seizure of Silkroad and the conviction of Silkroad mastermind, Ross Ulbricht, may make it harder for law enforcement agencies to track criminal activities on the dark web. These sites have operated with such indemnity for so long because their servers are running on non-standard protocols encrypting in and out of the website. That makes it extremely difficult to locate the servers physically, thereby making it hard to shut them down. Thus, these sites are having large amount of illegal drug market activities and transactions.

The authorities are trying to work out a way to bring these sites down. Those involved in the world of darknet will surely be attempting to figure out what happened already, what were the possible security flaws and how can they be patched up again. Thus, more darknet sites are re-appearing after Silkroad getting down, as the dark web experts began working out innovative ways to evade detection.

It would be to conclude that instead of putting a halt to the dark web activities, the Silkroad closure has led to a surprising acceleration of the same.