Silk Road Creator Writes a Letter to Roger Ver

President Holding Get Out of Jail Card Isolated on White Background
Ross Ulbricht, the founder of Silk Road, has written to Bitcoin startup investor Roger Ver seeking help in securing a presidential pardon.

It’s been slightly over half a decade now since Ross Ulbricht was arrested and locked behind bars. He was the founder of the infamous dark web marketplace Silk Road, which enlisted an assortment of products and services both illegal and legal.

Although to some extent the darknet site did facilitate some unlawful activities, it was nonetheless among the pioneers of the usage of Bitcoin. Many users preferred payments in Bitcoin as opposed to standard cash since it was more secure and difficult to trace.

Now years since his sentence was handed to him back in 2015, Ulbricht has made attempt after attempt to plead his case but to no avail. In his latest endeavor, he has written a handwritten letter to early Bitcoin investor Roger Ver seeking for him to help get a presidential pardon.


Ver has been among the most vocal supporters of the former Silk Road founder, insistently calling for his release. Ulbricht is seeking to get help in clemency for his double life sentence that he is currently serving at the U.S. Penitentiary Florence High, based in Colorado.

Ulbricht’s Call for Support

In his handwritten letter (which Ver shared in a YouTube video), Ulbricht outlined that he was entirely out of options and that his best shot at freedom was only a presidential pardon. He started by outlining that despite the assistance that Ver had offered throughout the trials, he has unfortunately lost the court battles over and over again.

Man signing a petition for a public referendum in Seattle
Last year saw the start of a distinct campaign aimed at having Ulbricht granted clemency, not to mention a petition which has garnered over 100,000 signatures

According to Ulbricht, while he and his team have provided their absolute best, their odds of a victory are slim no matter how much expertise and resources they put into it.

He continues to state that having identified how little of a chance he has of getting his freedom back through the courts, his only remaining option is getting a presidential pardon.

Support from Crypto Influencers

Ulbricht also highlighted that it is time that the crypto community solidifies their support for him in his quest to get a presidential pardon.

Despite not necessarily being a crypto proponent, Ulbricht has been a significant unifying factor in the growth of cryptocurrencies.

Such is the massive influence that everyone starting from the Bitcoin maximalists down to the most conservative have expressed their wish to see him freed.

In finality, Ulbricht asked Ver together with other highly influential persons across the crypto realm to create and upload video clips voicing their support in his efforts, to effectively push his attempt at getting U.S. President Trump to pardon his double life sentence.

Last year saw the start of a distinct campaign aimed at having Ulbricht granted clemency, not to mention a petition which has garnered over 100,000 signatures. What’s more, this campaign has also been supported by a state senator and a political party.

In July 2018, The Libertarian Party passed a resolution urging the president to grant Ulbricht a full pardon. The event happened during the party’s annual convention with Darryl Perry, the former Liberian Party chair, dubbing Ulbricht as a political prisoner.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Silk Road is BACK ONLINE NOW as Silk Road 3.1 and open for business. The team did a change and upgrade for a reason we can only assume for security.

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