Silk Road Founder Pleads To Be Spared A Life In Prison

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Ross Ulbricht Silkroad kingpin Ross Ulbricht, 31, recently expressed regret for his crimes, and purposely begged the Manhattan federal judge for mercy come his sentencing on 29th May. According to a letter sent to the juror, “Dread Pirate Roberts” as he was commonly known at the Silkroad termed his site as a “naïve and expensive idea” which did nothing but ruin his entire life.


If his plead is not heeded to, the man faces a mandatory sentence of 20 yrs. minimum jail-term or life imprisonment at worst. In a two-page request addressed to Judge Katherine Forrest on Friday 22nd May, he says that Silkroad was intended to be a place where people found true freedom in making personal choices and following their own kind of happiness. However, some Silkroad users understood this the wrong way and turned it into a place to satisfy their own substance addictions.

Earlier on, Ulbricht claimed in a court session that he started the site only as an “economic experiment” and didn’t know it would become such a big deal some few months down the line. He also said that he passed full-control of the Silkroad site to someone else who became in-charge of operations. These statements are yet to be proved right, though the jury still found him guilty of all 7 criminal charges labeled against him, including drug trafficking and conspiracy to commit an offense through the Silkroad site.

images996Mr. Ross, who holds a bachelor’s degree in pure physics and masters in material science, laments that Silkroad destroyed his future as he could have done so much more to improve his career. But it’s too late now and very little can be done to salvage the situation. He says that his midlife years have already been taken away by the minimum sentence required, though the panel should at least be merciful enough not to give him life imprisonment so that he can enjoy his old age in freedom. Dread Robert Pirates asked Silkroad Judge Forrest to grant him a considerate verdict with some light at the end of the tunnel.