Silk Road Judge Denies Motion For Retrial

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Silk Road Judge Denies Motion For Retrial

The mastermind behind the online drug bazaar Silkroad will not get a retrial, according to the ruling issued Monday by a federal judge in the U.S., thwarting the efforts made by Silkroad founder Ross Ulbricht’s defense in taking the Deep Web drug case to the court once again. District Judge Katherine Forrest has denied a motion filed by the attorneys of Ulbricht in March this year after he was convicted on seven charges relating to Silkroad.


The judge, in her memo, shot down a series of arguments raised by the Silkroad founder’s defense, including the corruption charges slapped on two agents from the Department of Drug Enforcement Administration. The agents allegedly blackmailed and extorted thousands of dollars from Ulbricht. The defense also noted that the time given to them for reviewing the evidence was insufficient as well as unfair, denying fifth-amendment rights for the man on trial.

According to Judge Forrest, the strong arguments put forward by the defense team are not accurate enough for initiating a retrial. She noted that the evidence against Ulbricht was overwhelming in all respects and it cannot be disproved. She added that the motion for a new trial does not clarify as to how any additional time, investigation or evidence would impact the outcome of his trial.

Judge ForrestJudge Forrest noted in her memo that the motion for a Silkroad retrial shall not be granted unless after an examination of the entire case, taking into consideration the circumstances and facts, the court is convinced that an innocent person has been convicted. “After a thorough and complete review of the Silkroad case, the Court does not have such concerns,” Judge Forrest opined.

Ross Ulbricht indicted on charges related to operating an underground website by name Silkroad under the name Dread Pirate Roberts to sell illegal drugs and provide hacking services in return for the crypto-currency Bitcoin is now faced with the possibility of a life sentence later this year.