Silk Road Shut Down!

Click here to visit read about the Silk Road Successor called Black Market Reloaded.

Silk Road anonymous marketplace was shut down on the end of September 2013. The FBI have arrested a man they believe to be the mastermind behind the biggest online illegal drug website that have ever existed and the site has been shut down. The site was apparently only shut down due to the arrest and not because of the system security. It is believed the mastermind known as Dread Pirate Roberts slipped up while posting programming questions on forums not being anonymous. I am not going to name the accused because i believe in “innocent until proven guilty” but you can find names and photos on the net easily. He is being charged with drug charges and possibly murder for hire charges among others.  If you try to visit the silk road you will see this screen.

Silk road closed

While Silk Road has been flourishing there have been a few other sites come up the ranks and now that the market leader is gone there is going to be a big move made by the up and comers. The next biggest player now is Black Market Reloaded which is very similar and you can click here for a complete step by step guide on how to get to Black Market Reloaded and stay anonymous. I would like to highlight the point that it was apparently old fashioned police work and a slip up that brought Silk Road down, if you are doing anything on any of these sites you need to take every precaution possible to avoid detection and not just while you are visiting these underground black markets. Stay anonymous as much as you can while doing anything on the internet so you don’t slip up.