Silk Road Staff “Chronicpain” Sentenced To Time Served

ANNOUNCEMENT: Since the Silk Road 2.0 bust by the feds a few other Darknet Markets have fallen. Silk Road 3 is up and running with a big selection of goods.

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123Curtis Green, a former Silkroad staff was last month sentenced to time served, four years and two days of supervised release by Judge Catherine Blake – a US chief district judge. This took place in a Baltimore court after Curtis, who was also commonly known as “Chronicpain” in the Silkroad community pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply and possess with intent to supply cocaine.


Curtis acted as moderator on the famous dark web drug site – Silkroad – under the monikers “Flush” and “Chronicpain,” working on the harm reduction side of the Silkroad forum and helping out people with customer support issues.

He previously said in a statement that he got involved in Silkroad because he was interested in the bitcoin trade and the Silkroad website was the biggest market where bitcoins could be found. The former Silkroad employee also added that he had interest in reducing drug use related harm.

Green’s life took an unexpected and dramatic turn however, when heavily armed Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and SWAT agents brought down his door on a January morning in 2013.

The Dread Pirate Roberts (DPR), the pseudonymous founder of the Silkroad who was later exposed as Ross Ulbricht, learned quickly that one of his Silkroad employees had been nabbed by the police. The Silkroad founder suspected that the police would force Green to help them in their mission to hunt him and the entire Silkroad community down. In addition to this, an enormous wad of bitcoins that had been stolen from Silkroad was later traced back to Curtis. It would later be revealed that Shaun Bridges, a crooked Secret Service agent had used Curtis’ account to steal the bitcoins.

Dread Pirate Roberts contacted with one of his loyal drug dealers, Nob, and called on him to take Green’s life. In return, Nob would get to receive $40,000 if he managed to succeed in his mission as requested by Ulbricht. A few days later, Nob sent Ulbricht some photos of Green covered in Campbell Chicken & Stars soup as well as a victim of a seeming asphyxiation, in order to prove that the murder had successfully been carried out.

Little did DPR know that Nob was not a drug dealer, as he had always thought. As a matter of fact, he was Carl Mark Force IV, the same Drug Enforcement Agency guy who had led the arrest of Green.

It was the idea of Force to stage the torture of Green and fake his murder, and later send the spoofed photos to Ulbricht. The charge that Ross Ulbricht was a key suspect in the murder-for-hire of Curtis is still pending in Maryland. All the other murder-for-hire accusations, associated with the supposed targeting other persons aren’t formal charges.

Ross, especially after he was sentenced to life in prison for starting the Silkroad has had many members of the public contribute to his defense fund. Curtis also started a crowd-funding campaign similar to Ulbricht’s after charges against Bridges and Force were filed, in order to “deal with dirty federal agents.” As of May last year, Green had managed to raise $25 from a colleague, out of his overall target of $50,000.

After his boss’ life sentence last year, Green went ahead to tweet that he was indeed “surprised” at how harsh the ruling was. Green didn’t respond to a request by the media for comment. His lawyers too couldn’t be reached at the time for comment.

Ulbricht_PassportIn a plea agreement signed sometimes back, Green had admitted to possessing more than a kilogram of cocaine, which he intended to distribute. He had accepted the package from an undercover US postal inspector in January, 2013. An earlier criminal complaint dated October of the same year, against Ross Ulbricht gave the same storyline about a person identified only as “the Employee.”

The complaint alleged that Ross was aware of a Silkroad employee’s contact with FBI and had attempted to pay a total of around $80,000 in order to have that person killed because of that interaction. It turns out as explained earlier on that the person in question Green, and his online and real identities weren’t revealed in the original complaints.

By pleading guilty, Curtis acknowledged that he had not only handled drugs but was also working as an administrator on Silkroad where he went by the handles “Chronicpain” and ”Flush.”