Silk Road Suspect’s Extradition Case To Be Heard In July

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Silk Road Suspect's Extradition Case To Be Heard In JulyIt has just been reported that the U.S. is seeking extradition of an Irish man who was involved in the Silk Road darknet marketplace. Gary Davis (26), an Irish citizen who went by the pseudonym “Libertas”, is wanted in the U.S. to answer charges of conspiracy to sell narcotics, computer hacking and money laundering. Irish Minister for Justice Mr. Alan Shatter signed an official diplomacy certificate, confirming that indeed a request had been presented by U.S. officials for this particular extradition.


The case was briefly stated on a Tuesday 28/04/2015 hearing before High Court Judge Paul McDermott, he fixed the final date of July 14th for extradition appeal. Nevertheless, the Silk Road operative Mr. Davis is against this application arguing that he shouldn’t be surrendered over to U.S. authorities.

Gary was earlier on arrested after a warrant was issued by the courts, following this event the Attorney General Counsel, Ronan Kennedy, requested the justice system to set a hearing date by July so that the matter doesn’t drag on for lengthy periods given its urgency status.

A timeframe for submission of legal documents has been agreed upon by the two parties, lawyers representing Mr. Davis estimate that the hearing could take at least 4 days since they have substantial material which can help out their Silk Road case. They claim to be in possession of medical evidence showing that the accused suffers from a condition known as Asperger’s syndrome, and that extradition would only make his health condition to worsen.

High Court Judge Paul McDermottChief Justice McDermott heard the issue and said that it would officially be argued out in the July 14th sitting, with the accused still having liberty to appeal a ruling after it’s been made in case any difficulties arise.