Silk Road Top Drug Dealer Sentenced To 5 Years In Prison

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Steven Lloyd SadlerA former computer programmer and one of the Silk Road top drug dealers is facing up to 5 yrs. imprisonment after pleading guilty to his alleged crimes. Touted by prosecutors as one of Seattle’s most notorious peddlers, Steven Lloyd Sadler traded on the side via pseudonym “NOD” while advertising “fish scale cocaine”, methamphetamine and black tar heroin.


During the incursion that saw his arrest, Sadler, 41, was found with his girlfriend Jenna M. White who’s only 22. Arrested in October 2013, Sadler pleaded guilty the following May. Though most criminals get a mandatory minimum sentence of 5 yrs., prosecutors had asked the U.S. District Court Judge Ricardo Martinez on adding an extra 2 yrs. on his sentence to make it 7 in total.

Addressing Sadler, Judge Martinez said that he’s deeply concerned that online peddlers such as those on the Silk Road darknet site are able to sell youngsters drugs at a very alarming rate. He further stated that the court is troubled by the way in which people can easily slide into a business that only leads to dead end for many of them.

During his hearing, Sadler reflected on the agony he’d seen in cocaine addicts whom he currently shares space with at the SeaTac Federal Detention Center awaiting his prison sentence. He also spoke about the pain of going through withdrawal immediately after being arrested by cops.

Silk Road MarketplaceInvestigators claim Steven sold approximately 8.25 pounds of cocaine, 3 lbs. of heroin and 4 ounces of methamphetamine at the Silk Road. Those drug sales made him an estimated $1 million, with at least $70,000 a month coming from cocaine dealings alone. As Sadler’s online business continued to grow, he hired his girlfriend Ms. White for assistance in packaging and delivering the drugs to clients. In the raid that led to their final arrest, detectives found drugs hidden in the couple’s apartment ceiling as well as a .45 cal. pistol.