Silk Road Undercover Agent Sent Messages To Mt. Gox CEO

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FBIThe undercover agent accused of stealing from the now defunct darknet site, Silk Road, sent a series of messages to the then Mt. Gox CEO, Mark Karpeles. The new information has come to light as the latest twist to the ongoing investigation into the illegal conduct of two agents who were investigating the Silk Road enterprise in order to shut it down and reveal its ownership.


The messages have been released by Mark Karpeles, former owner and CEO of Mt. Gox, a popular Bitcoin exchange website. The messages were shared over the professional network, LinkedIn.

In a message from April 2013, the agent asked Mark to add him to his professional network on LinkedIn because of his fascination with the popular cryptocurrency, bitcoin. After Mt. Gox CEO gave a reply the following day, thanking the agent and asking how he might help, the Silk Road agent sent a message saying that he wanted to explore other money-making options as the US government was due for an economic crash within five years.

Mt. Gox CEO

This strange message was not replied to by Mt. Gox CEO, at which point the agent asked for support on a sales deal worth about 250 bitcoins. During the time, this amount of bitcoins would have amounted to around $30,000.

However, Mark chose not to respond to this message as well. Still, about a month later, the undercover agent in the Silk Road investigation sent a message to Mt. Gox CEO with regard to the failed deal with Coinlab. In the message, the agent also expressed his intention to work with Mark by taking on the role of Mt. Gox’s representative for US and Canada.

The message, like many others before it, did not elicit a response from Mark Karpeles. About a week later, the agent posted another message; it would also be his last. The message implied that Mark made a mistake by failing to get into the previously suggested partnership with him.