Silk Road Vendor Jail Sentence Reduced

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A Silkroad drug vendor, Richard Pollard, 33, has had his jail sentence cut short by 15 months after an appeal on his initial sentence. Richard set up a thriving online-based drug trafficking business on Silkroad before it was shut down by authorities in 2013.


Bitcoin In October of last year, Pollard pleaded guilty to drug trafficking, and was sentenced to 11 years in prison and a non-parole period of seven years and four months. He also lost 24,500 bitcons, which are worth about $7.3 million in the current market. Pollard also had over $58,000 in cash at the time the bitcoins were seized.

Silkroad was shut down in the late 2013 and was considered by the FBI to be the most sophisticated and extensive online criminal marketplace in the modern world. Ross Ulbricht, the Silkroad founder, was just sentenced to life in prison on 29th of May, a decision he intended to appeal.

Court of appeal justices agreed that the sentence handed to Richard was manifestly excessive, and therefore decided to reduce his sentence to nine years and nine months from eleven years, a 15-month reduction. The non-parole period was reduced to six years and six months, a ten-month reduction from the previous sentence.

With his thriving Silkroad business, Pollard trafficked 2.8 kilograms of ecstasy, 876 grams of ice, 44 grams of cocaine, 30 grams of ketamine and methorphan, fentanyl, and poisons. He did all this between the months of August and December of 2012.

Pollard used different post office boxes in order to hide the quantity of drugs he dealt. The police also found 61 cannabis plants and envelopes used to distributed drugs as well as printed names and addresses of Silkroad users who had bought drugs offered by Pollard on the Silkroad marketplace.

Drug Online MarketplaceIn considering the reduction of his sentence, the court of appeal judges took into consideration that Pollard was not a previous offender and that his drug trafficking career started when he was 30, at what time his unfortunate employment status may have influenced his decision to engage in drug trafficking.