Silk Road Vendor Who Testified At Ulbricht’s Trial, Sentenced To Two And A Half Yrs.

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A former vendor at the Silk Road who testified on Ross Ulbricht’s trial has been given a 2.5 yrs. sentence by the court. Michael Duch, also known by his pseudonym “Deezletime”, used to sell heroine on the site according to reports by Reuters.


Ross William Ulbricht  in prison

Though he never interacted with Dread Pirate Roberts while dealing drugs on this site, his statement was still used by prosecution to prove that the Silk Road facilitated illicit activities. Duch admitted that he began selling heroin only to sustain his substance addiction cravings, which at its highest peak cost him around $200 to $300 a day. Despite the ruling, Michael may still get credit for the 21-month period he spent in jail before, meaning he could ultimately be released within a matter of months.


Duch’s attorney requested for an immediate release claiming that the drug dependency issue which led him to commit these crimes has now been left behind. However, Judge Forrest said she could only give him a respite on his sentencing but not to release him just yet. The 2.5 yrs. sentence is half the minimum 5-yr. term he could have received were it not for cooperating with the state, or even a possible 40 yrs. maximum imprisonment.

Immediately after his verdict was given, Deezletime made a heartfelt apology saying that his incarceration felt like “being slapped right on the face”. It led him through an excruciating yet necessary path towards recovery. Earlier on, Michael had taken the stand as witness on Ulbricht’s trial telling a packed court how the Silk Road made his peddling work a lot easier, since he didn’t have to sell drugs directly in the streets. He was attracted by the relative simplicity that this website promised, including the personal safety and anonymity.

Before he joined the Silk Road, Duch was a professional IT consultant making approximately $75,000 per year. But at the height of his unlawful business, he could get $60,000 to $70,000 a month. His method of acquiring supply was relatively easy; Michael bought drugs directly from street dealers and sold them at twice the price on Silk Road. His adverts promised clients “East Coast Design Heroin Stamps”, with quick shipment as a key selling point.