Silk Road’s “Forgotten Three”

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Ross UlbrichtFor most part of the case, fund raising efforts and headlines have concentrated on Ross Ulbricht. He’s considered the mastermind of the entire project, Dread Pirate Roberts. However, three other men have also been accused of illegal activities and conduct. Though they have been spending time outside the limelight, their role in the scenario can’t be overlooked.

In December 2013, three other arrests were made in three countries under the same law. Andrew Jones was arrested in the United States. He was accused of being the administrator, Inigo. Gary Davis was arrested in Ireland. He was accused of being administrator, Libertas. Peter Nash was arrested in Australia. He was accused of being moderator, SSBD.


Judge MalletOut of these 3 co-accused, only one has been in prison for the whole time. One has been placed under house arrest, and the other one is virtually a free man. However, their fates are still connected with the verdict against Ross Ulbricht in the Silk Road case.


Peter Nash

According to the indictment, SSBD was the lowest ranked in Silk Road. He only had a small role in moderating discussion forums. Upon his arrest, the United States requested Nash’s extradition.

Eventually, Peter Nash was remanded in a prison in Brisbane. Before his arrest, a local newspaper revealed that Nash had worked in a Prison before. Thus, he was placed in protective custody. According to reports, Nash was injured during a prison protest.

In June 2014, Peter Nash was extradited to the United States of America. Currently, he is remanded in a federal penitentiary located in New York. This means, he has already served 9 months awaiting his trial.

Andrew Jones

Jones has been accused of being Inigo at Silk Road. According to reports, Inigo was the longest serving administrator in Silk Road. Jones was released after submitting bail for $1 million. The money was raised by Jones’ retired parents through their retirement’s savings and home.

Currently, Jones has been placed under house arrest at his retired parents’ house. As per his bail terms and conditions, he can’t access any internet enabled devices while awaiting his trial. His next hearing has been scheduled for next month.

Andrew Jones’ fiancée and mother have even set up an online donation page to assist with various legal expenses. They welcome any legal and monetary assistance they can get in different forms.

Gary Davis

The United States also wanted to extradite Gary Davis. He was accused of being the administrator Libertas at Silk Road. However, the Irish authorities handled the matter quite differently from the ones in Australia.

On the night of his arrest, Gary Davis was released on a bail. The bail was granted for a nominal amount. Irish courts grant bail to someone slated for extradition quite similar to how they handle domestic cases, under certain conditions, i.e., if the accused won’t tamper with the witnesses, commit any further serious crimes or seems a flight risk.

It’s important to understand that Davis attends all the hearings as a free man. However, he has been relieved of his passport. Moreover, he also needs to report to the Irish Police regularly. Since his arrest, the Irish media hasn’t had much interest in the Silk Road case.

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